Dreamforce 2021: Highlights and Iconic moments

Dreamforce 2021: Highlights and Iconic moments

Dreamforce 2021 just got over in San Francisco! This year the event went global with Salesforce’s own technology Salesforce+, while there were some in-person attendees also. Salesforce made sure all attendees were fully vaccinated and underwent multiple Covid-19 tests before attending the event with the new Health Cloud 2.0 (Vaccine Cloud).

The one-of-a-kind annual conference is a global family reunion of Salesforce customers, partners, employees, and students – to learn, connect, have fun, and give back. The event kickstarted on 21st September and continued till 23rd September 2021. The power-packed three days at Dreamforce 2021 had some amazing episodes that encompassed innovations, announcements, success stories, and technology to succeed in the digital-first world.

Here is a look back at some of the best moments of Dreamforce 2021

Welcome to Trusted Enterprise

The event kicked off with the keynote “Welcome to the Trusted Enterprise” by CEO Marc Benioff and COO Bret Taylor. The opening event was filled with motivational stories, musical guests, and powerful messages on how we can create inclusive workplaces and unified customer experiences.

Slack Digital HQ Innovations

Marc Benioff spoke at length about the importance of Digital HQ and announced Slack Digital HQ innovations in Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Platform, Trailhead, Analytics, Integration with Mulesoft across every industry. The Digital HQ aims to assist the remote and hybrid work model operating in every department and effectively communicate with consumers working in the hybrid world.

Cloud Sustainability 2.0 Launched to help net-zero faster

cloud sustainability 2.0

Salesforce has announced in its 2021 annual conference that it is a net-zero company and has 100% renewable energy for its operations. They achieved this with their emission reduction strategies across Scope1, 2, 3 in four main sections such as infrastructure, supply-chain, business travel, and work from anywhere. Sustainability Cloud 2.0 has been launched to help organizations track and lessen their carbon emissions and become net zero.

Health Cloud 2.0 launched for ensuring health and Safety

As the world after the pandemic navigates through a hybrid model of work, health issues, now the focus is shifted to ensure health, safety for effective business operations. Hence Vaccinations, Covid-19 testings, periodic health assessments, and delivering proper healthcare from various setups are crucial for every organization.

Hence, Salesforce announced Health Cloud 2.0, a technology built to enable companies and governments to deliver better healthcare and safety to their customers, employees, and communities.

Back-Up and Restore, new data recovery service native to Salesforce System

At Dreamforce this year, Salesforce announced yet another innovation Back Up and Restore for helping companies with a resilient data backup plan. Companies will be able to safeguard their data with this new feature with just a few clicks.

Back-Up and Restore can automatically create backup copies of business data so that businesses can recover and restore data securely. Coming with a host of features, Back-Up and Restore prioritizes your data protection with agility and ease.

Salesforce and AWS expanded their partnership with Slack, Voice, and more

Salesforce and Amazon Web Services have deepened their partnership with AWS integrations for Slack. The capabilities include New voice capabilities for virtual selling, a new virtual care solution, and elevated commitments to reaching Net Zero and overall sustainability.

With this, Slack and Salesforce will be able to build and deploy technology at global scales and enable their joint customers to connect, collaborate and succeed – anywhere, anytime.

Introduced Trailhead for Slack enabling learning in Digital HQ

In Dreamforce this year, Salesforce announced a host of new capabilities that integrates Slack across various products of Salesforce. And it includes Trailhead also. The Slack integration with Trailhead will help Organizations drive onboarding, enablement, and reskilling in new channels. With Trailhead for Slack, employees can find relevant content and speed up their learning process with recommendations and reminders surfaced by Einstein and also track their progress- staying all within their Digital HQ.

Customer 360 connect Your Teams with a Single Customer View

customer 360- salesforce

Mercedes Benz and Engie, the global Energy leader, use Salesforce Customer 360 in their respective fields to unite their data and obtain their goals. Mercedes leverages Salesforce Customer 360 to unify its sales, service, and marketing teams and dealers to find all their customers in a shared view. This has resulted in them becoming a customer-centric company. Likewise, Engie unified its data across Salesforce Customer 360 for a greener future.


That was all from Dreamforce 2021. With a majority of innovation and integrations centered around Slack, the businesses will now be more resilient and prepared to connect and deliver from anywhere in the world. If you are interested in implementing these new innovations into your business, Outsource Salesforce can help with the right strategy and solutions. You can talk to our skilled developers here.