Anti-Spam Policy

Zero Tolerance for Spam: Learn more about our anti spam policy and ethical guidelines.

1. Scope

Our anti-spam policy for customers encompasses all aspects of our communication channels and interactions with our customers, including third-party communications sent to partners.

To ensure an anti-spam environment, we require that any third-party partners or affiliates who engage in customer communication on our behalf adhere to the same strict anti-spam standards and obtain proper consent from customers.

2. Definition

For us, “spam” means any unsolicited electronic commercial messages. This includes any activity where one transmits, either directly or indirectly, email messages to any email address without any prior request or consent to such transmission.

Our anti-spam policy aims to protect our customers from unsolicited and unwanted communications while ensuring their privacy and trust in our services.

3. Spam Filtering

The company’s messaging system scans all incoming messages for spam. If you believe that your message was incorrectly marked as spam, please inform the message recipient so they can try other means of communication.

4. Zero Tolerance

The company strictly and uncompromisingly prohibits spamming. HIC Global Solutions does not engage in bulk or mass emailing or any other unsolicited emails for marketing products, services, or programs. We only send commercial communications to customers who have explicitly expressed their consent to receive email communications from us.

Any violation of our zero-tolerance policy results in immediate and appropriate disciplinary actions.

5. Advertisements

Advertisements that are shared with customers via emails are clearly termed as promotional and provide accessible unsubscribe mechanisms. HIC Global Solutions practices responsible spam-free advertising practices, respects customers' preferences and contributes to a spam-free environment.

6. Opt-ins and Opt-Outs

HIC Global Solutions offers Opt-in options to users by asking them to agree to receive our emails before sending them any commercial messages. We offer opt-ins through checkboxes, newsletters, and sign-up forms.

Every email sent through HIC Global Solutions concerning services and advertisements contains an ‘Unsubscribe’ option enabling receivers to opt out of our mailing list.

7. Reporting

If you have been spammed or have any suspicion of spamming, please contact us immediately by emailing so that we can investigate the situation.

8. Violation

If you are found to have violated the terms and conditions of this policy, we reserve the right to end your participation in our program, including terminating your services and associations.

9. Compliance with Global Guidelines

10. Contact Us

If you have any questions about this anti-spam Policy, You can contact us: