Salesforce Announces Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub for a Sustainable Future

Salesforce Announces Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub for a Sustainable Future

We all know that Salesforce makes it a priority to safeguard the mother earth, and for that, it comes up with unique solutions. Hence, the global CRM leader Salesforce recently announced its Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub. It is an aggressive action to fight against the global climate emergency. This innovation by Salesforce would help companies to track their carbon footprint data and effectively engage with suppliers, and align their sustainability efforts.

Just before this innovation, this procedure would take up to a month with complex data in spreadsheets. But, now, with the Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub, it’s a matter of even less than a day. It is essential to track and take action on the emissions for a credible corporate strategy.

To Rise and meet the climate emergency head-on, we need more than pledges. Companies must take action immediately to change the way they do business, including collaborating more deeply with suppliers for climate action,” said Patrick Flynn, VP of Sustainability, Salesforce.

He further added, “We put transformational digital tools in the hands of companies to give them a 360 view of their carbon footprint so they can take meaningful action across their supply chain and reach net-zero, faster.”

What are the features of Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub?

This innovation by Salesforce comes with a commonly used emission factors dataset from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. But, this allows companies to come up with their emission factors dataset.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Scope 3 Hub is quick and easy to track. All you need as a company is its procurement and spending data. It provides you a simple process of matching spending categories. Also, it supports data in every currency. So, you can put your procurement data and data factors in any currency.

Also, it allows you to have a 360-degree view of investor-grade data and support best practices in impact disclosure by allowing you to track historical and real-time environmental data, social and governance data in the same platform.

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