Salesforce updates Health Cloud by making its local intelligence HIPAA Compliant

Salesforce updates Health Cloud by making its local intelligence HIPAA Compliant

Salesforce’s family of local intelligence such as Salesforce Maps, Live Tracking, and Territory planning are now HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

Salesforce made this announcement recently and with this Salesforce MAP, an extension of Health Cloud will enable healthcare providers to safeguard the confidentiality of customer information.

The CRM leader has been rolling out new enhancements for Health Cloud to strengthen its strategy to protect electronic health records and allow care from anywhere. Making Salesforce Map HIPAA compliant, Salesforce moves a step closer towards helping personal healthcare companies work efficiently and effectively.

How Salesforce Maps helps healthcare providers

Maps helps companies visualize their critical data and bring up the insights necessary for planning efficient routes and reducing drive times by streamlining administration.

Now with the Map being a HIPAA complaint, companies can utilize Map’s route optimization capabilities to their full potential.

The demand for In-home care facilities is increasingly rising, especially after the Covid-19 as insurance companies plan to lower costs for coverage. In-home healthcare providers need a simple, less complicated way to plan their visits, keep records of customers’ information, and protect their sensitive data on the go.

Hence, healthcare companies use technology like Salesforce Maps to gain insights to prioritize patient geographic clusters for field visits. As a result, they will be able to drive more engagements and also provide timely care.

Salesforce Maps

Ways healthcare providers can utilize Salesforce Maps

With Salesforce Maps, healthcare providers can achieve the following to offer timely care and drive engagement.

  • Firstly, Following the Map, providers can establish bonds with patients by offering them, special aides. With the insights, they realign capacity if new aides come on board or special zones expand.
  • Secondly, Using Salesforce Maps can reduce operational costs and save time by avoiding traffic snarls and wrong routes.
  • Also, By setting up automation in data capture and other key processes, like activity logging, mileage calculations, Checkouts, and Follow up procedures, coordinators can concentrate on patients and provide the utmost care.
  • Most importantly, Coordinators can securely update customer information by accessing them from anywhere.

Wrap Up

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