Generative AI, Salesforce, and 2024: What Lies Ahead?

Generative AI, Salesforce, and 2024: What Lies Ahead?

So you thought generative AI and OpenAI’s ChatGPT were just another hyped word? Just another trend? And you also thought that it would all fade away?
But here’s the truth: Generative AI is here to stay! It’s not a trend or just another hyped word, in fact, it is now part of our daily life.
The year 2023 was all about the implementation of generative AI on every platform, even Salesforce in the Dreamforce 2023 came up with many announcements, like the launch of the Einstein Copilot Studio and Assistant, all powered by generative AI.
With all the upsurge and implementation and transformation of businesses based on these revolutionary changes, what 2024 would look like?

Will 2024 be another year of miracles for the Salesforce ecosystem?

In this blog, we will be predicting what the future of Generative AI will look like. Read on!

The Next Phase of Generative AI in 2024

In 2024, Generative AI is about to make a big impact by helping people work smarter. It’s going to be part of everyday business tools, making it easier for workers to get things done and make better choices. New, powerful AI chips will speed up data analysis, and when companies use their own data to train AI models, they’ll discover specific insights that add even more value.

Here are some ways the implementation of Generative AI across industries will shape businesses:

Implementation of generative AI, Salesforce generative ai, Generative AI in 2024

Emotionally Advanced Interactions

It looks like in the upcoming days, generative AI will be able to react to human emotions, enabling emotionally intelligent interactions. That could be strongly implemented in Salesforce sales cloud, marketing cloud, and customer service scenarios where understanding and responding to customers’ emotions play a crucial role.

Generative AI for Schools and Education

While there is an ongoing debate about whether students should be permitted to perform advanced calculations using generative AI, the reality is that generative AI is gradually becoming a part of life. Consequently, keeping students away from it may not be a viable solution. It appears that educating students about the positive and negative aspects of generative AI usage will soon become an integral part of the curriculum.

Implementation of generative AI in Salesforce CPQ

By automating product pricing and configurations based on data and preferences, generative AI will improve Salesforce CPQ. This AI-driven assistant will help in optimizing sales, identifying opportunities, and streamlining quoting for personalized and efficient processes.

AI assistant for every Salesforce professional

The use of AI assistants powered by Generative AI in almost every department will increase in the coming days. Salesforce has already enabled AI assistants in its major products such as Sales and Service Cloud, empowering reps and agents to deliver meaningful customer experiences faster.

Big Enterprises, too, will full-fledgedly implement AI chatbots and assistants into their organizations to leverage the power of generative AI.

Hike in AI-Skilled Jobs

Salesforce’s generative AI will grow and eventually span the entire horizon, so professionals will have to develop AI-related skills, such as improving their search engine optimization abilities, as being able to answer questions quickly increases one’s effectiveness in the workplace.

So, level up, guys! The game has just started.

Outsource Salesforce’s Interpretation

These are the trends that will shape up the next generation of generative AI in 2024. It is certain that generative AI is here to stay and to remain competitive in today’s business, businesses must make the most out of it for efficiency.

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