Create More Targeted Ad Campaigns with Salesforce’s Data Cloud Integrations with Google and LinkedIn

Create More Targeted Ad Campaigns with Salesforce’s Data Cloud Integrations with Google and LinkedIn

Every business runs on data to customize its services as per its customer’s preferences. However, with the constant change in data privacy policies, it is becoming difficult for firms to collect data automatically and customize their products and services to offer the best to their customers.

But here is the exciting news for all the Salesforce users.

Salesforce has announced new Data Cloud integrations with LinkedIn and Google Display & Video 360. These integrators will enable Salesforce users to run automated, customized ad campaigns on Google Ads and LinkedIn by connecting their first-party data with Salesforce’s #1 AI CRM. 

Understanding why this integration is important

Due to constant and vigorous changes in data privacy laws the companies are now taking consent-based data directly from their audiences as the basis for their further analysis and connecting with customers because we are now entering a cookie-less future.

Despite that, data silos, which are isolated repositories of information within an organization, challenge marketers to leverage the company’s first-party data effectively to gain a better understanding of their customers.
Even though companies are using on average 1,061 applications, the majority of them are not integrated. This lack of integration poses a challenge, hindering the seamless flow of information and preventing the creation of a unified customer view across the organization.

Data Cloud Integration with Google and Linkedin will help marketers unify data from any source into one platform and create relevant advertising campaigns on these platforms

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What’s the new Salesforce solution?

By activating first-party audience segments across the digital ad ecosystem, the data cloud for marketing will assist clients in consolidating their data into a single platform, tracking insights with AI, and ultimately guiding the creation of customized advertising campaigns.

The latest integration with LinkedIn and Google will encourage marketers to securely leverage their first-party data to create segments from Data Cloud to do apt ad campaigns on Google Ads and LinkedIn.

Now advertisers will be empowered for:

  • Relevant advertising across video, display, TV, audio, and other channels with Google Display and Video 360.

  • Reaching out to the billions of active professionals on LinkedIn based on job title, function, industry, and more will now be simpler using first-party data and AI-powered product interest scoring from Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud.
  • Advertisers will now be able to enhance ad effectiveness and efficacy by integrating data across Salesforce Customer 360, leveraging AI from Einstein, and deploying targeted messages in real time across various digital ad ecosystems.


Outsource Salesforce’s Outlook

Delivering a personalized experience to customers is imperative, and leveraging platforms like Google Ads and LinkedIn using Data Cloud’s digital ad ecosystem can help businesses acquire new customers and increase upselling opportunities.
So, if you are excited to use this integration solution in your business, schedule a free consultation call with our Salesforce experts at Outsource Salesforce right on!