Salesforce introduced new Commerce Cloud solutions for automakers to reimagine online sales

Salesforce introduced new Commerce Cloud solutions for automakers to reimagine online sales

Making the year’s first announcement, Salesforce launched new solutions in Commerce Cloud to enable the automotive industry to redefine the way they sell online.

Available from Spring 2023, The new solutions in Commerce Cloud with the unique capabilities of Automotive Cloud will help automakers and dealers to supercharge the digital car buying experiences.

Speaking about Automotive Cloud, this industry-specific product brings together complete driver and vehicle profiles to help orchestrate connected experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

So, let us find out how the new Commerce Cloud Solution helps the automotive industry boost online selling.

Salesforce introduced new Commerce Cloud solutions for automakers to reimagine online sales

What the Commerce Cloud and Automotive together offer

The latest findings from Salesforce Trends in Automotive Report reveal that just 26% of OEMs and 23% of retailers adapted well to selling online. Further, the report found that only one in five auto companies trust their digital storefronts to be engaging, mobile-friendly, and give accurate data on inventories.

So, by leveraging Automotive Cloud and Commerce Cloud, embedded in the Salesforce Core platform, auto companies can revolutionize the digital car buying experience and meet car buyers’ expectations in this digital-first world.

Here are the ways they optimize online selling experiences:

  • The automotive industry can digitize car buying to create interactive, AI-driven customer and dealer experiences tailored to the brand.
    The new Commerce Cloud solutions include new merchandising tools to increase website visits, help customers find dealerships, configure product offerings, improve parts-searching, and expand commerce to 80+ languages and currencies worldwide.
  • Enhance fulfillment and order servicing through accurate inventory routing and provide omnichannel experiences across commerce, marketing, and service.
    In addition to ordering parts and accessories on behalf of customers, customer service agents can also use Order Management to streamline the fulfillment process.
  • With innovations from Salesforce partners, you can extend commerce capabilities and drive immersive experiences.

    Customers can now customize their vehicle’s model, color, trim, wheels, parts, and more with interactive 3D, virtual photography, and augmented reality (AR) thanks to integrations with independent software vendors (ISVs) such as ThreeKit Visual Commerce on AppExchange.


Summing up, the new Commerce Cloud Solutions unveiled by Salesforce are sure to help you boost online selling and deliver personalized and connected experiences. 

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