Salesforce Announces New Automotive Cloud

Salesforce Announces New Automotive Cloud

Salesforce brings focus to the automobile industry, by introducing Automotive Cloud. It integrates with Driver360, one of the 13 industry-specific solutions, to allow the associated companies to make the most of their data.

Right now, the automobile industry is amidst a turbulent time brought about by the introduction of electric vehicles and direct-to-consumer models.

“But with great disruption comes great opportunity, and companies accelerating into the digital-first future with technology like Automotive Cloud can gain a competitive edge while simultaneously future-proofing their businesses,” said Achyut Jajoo, SVP and GM of Manufacturing and Automotive at Salesforce.

This is possible with Automotive Cloud, it can empower the automotive industry with Customer 360, while also allowing it to leverage industry-specific automation, AI, and analytics.

In this article, we will be introducing the top features of the new Automotive Cloud to you.

A glance at the features of Salesforce Automotive Cloud

Automotive Cloud allows automotive manufacturers, dealers, and finance companies to gain a holistic view of the customer and vehicle lifecycle in real-time. Automakers can integrate their data from different sources including zero data from customer interactions etc. This data can be worked with to improve customer experience and also generate more revenue through lead generation and collaboration.

1. Driver Console

This feature allows the service team a view of the customer’s old touchpoints like browsing for vehicles, maintenance, and old purchases. The Household Management  feature can provide a view of the whole purchase history of a household allowing service teams to provide a personalized experience to customers.

Automotive cloud- Salesforce

2. Vehicle Console

This feature, on the other hand, allows anyone from the company a complete view of the vehicle’s information, including repair history, market value, odometer readings, etc.

3. Automotive Data Foundation

This feature creates a reliable data foundation that supports easy data sharing and interaction while complying with data protection standards.

4. Automotive Lead Management

This sales tool is for manufacturer-to-dealer and dealer-to-dealer relationships. It enables the generation of high-value leads by allowing a 360 view of customer and vehicle history along with their specific needs.

5. Dealer Performance Management

This is another sales tool that provides easy analysis of dealership performances. The analysis can be used to align their efforts better and improve the coordination of sale agreements, demand forecasts, etc.


The Automotive Cloud is a game changer for the automotive industry. Want to get it integrated or want to have a consultation to get a deeper understanding? Connect with us for a Salesforce Consultation or avail of our Salesforce Implementation services to get the Automotive Cloud today!