Spring ‘22 release: Key dates to remember

Spring ‘22 release: Key dates to remember

The rolling 12-month release calendar in Salesforce is about to get filled in again as the Spring ’22 release is quietly making its way.

The Spring ’22 sandbox preview is going to be available soon, and it is the best time to try and test the new configurations and features before your org’s production upgrades. So, you must be curious to know when your production instance will be upgraded and how to prepare your sandbox.

Therefore, we have brought a timeline of the release cycle for you to mark your calendar for the major updates in your org. Check them out!

Release dates with scheduled upgrades

Before we start jotting down the dates, let us tell you that by signing up with Getting Started with the Release Readiness series in the Trailblazer community, you can access the available resources and get help with the implementation of new features through the Trailhead module.

So, the major dates are as follows:

➤ December 16, 2021
Sign up for a test environment before release
As we know, it is essential to test the main use cases in your Org. to make sure the new upgrades work fine. Sign up for this test environment, and if you already have a pre-release org for Winter ’22, you can log back with the same.

➤ 22nd December 2021
Preview Release notes will be available.
The preview release notes can be accessed from Salesforce Help. Use filters and see the notes relevant to your org’s edition and cloud.

➤ January 6, 2022
Sandbox cut-off date
Prepare and activate your sandbox for testing new upgrades and know the dates when new instances hit your sandbox. If you know the instance your org is located on, you can know the dates by visiting Salesforce Trust. Simply, click on your instance name and hit maintenance.

Salesforce- Spring'22-release dates

➤ January 7, 2022
Spring ’22 Release Site will go live.

➤ January 14, 2022
The first release weekend and most key features are earmarked here.

➤ February 4 to 11, 2022
The live broadcast of release readiness. A powerful weekend with the demos of new features that work in real-time.
Also, on February 4, there will be a second release weekend where another set of instances will be upgraded.

➤ February 11 and 12, 2022
It is the final release weekend for remaining all instances to be upgraded.

Wrap up

That was the date sheet for the Spring ‘22 release, so bookmark the dates now.
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