Salesforce Winter ’22 release: Detailed timeline with Release notes

Salesforce Winter ’22 release: Detailed timeline with Release notes

The Salesforce ecosystem is abuzz with new releases and events this month. As the most anticipated event, Dreamforce is scheduled for the September 21-23, Winter ’22 release is on the horizon already.

Everyone working on Salesforce architecture looks forward to the important releases to witness and seize the newest features and updates for their businesses. As a dedicated Salesforce Consulting partner in UK, we will bring the detailed coverage of the Release Highlights, but here we have put together a timeline and pre-release notes so that you do not miss any bit of this release cycle.

So, let’s stop stalling and get started, shall we?

Key dates to remember

Though the main event is in September, there were many events launched in August 2021. Here is a walkthrough of the detailed timeline of the release

  • 12 August: Sign up for early access to before release environment
  • 18 August: Preview Release Notes are available
  • 26 August: Sandbox cut-off date
  • 27 August: Winter ’22 Release site available live
  • 10 September: First release weekend
  • 10 to 17 September: Release readiness live broadcast
  • 1 October: Second release weekend
  • 8 and 9 October: Final release weekend

Now that we know the important dates and the release notes are already Live, let us take a look at the top features of the Release.

Salesforce Winter’22 release

Salient Features of the Winter’22 release

The Winter Release’22 has more than 300 features and products and will be generally available after 10th October 2021. Here is a brief classification of the release features to gauge what to expect from this year’s release.

Einstein Search is now by Default

With this new feature, you can perform searches with the intelligence assistance of Einstein. It’s free and yields results backed by smart intelligence. With Einstein Search, you get personalized search results, previews of the records in the search box, in everyday search language.

Dynamic Dashboard Gauge Charts

The intuitive Dashboard Gauge Charts are used to measure values against a given range, But this feature was static all this while. The new release has made this feature Dynamic allowing you to tune your dashboard as per your business goals automatically.

Images in Lightning App Builder’s Rich Text Components

Adding images to the rich text component in the Lightning App builder is now possible with this new feature. You can now have dynamic component visibility based on the Contact or Account field values.

Restriction rules for Record Sharing

With these restriction rules, you can safeguard your organization’s data and only allow people to see records relevant to their job function. You can create rules on Custom objects and Standard objects like tasks, contracts, timesheets, events, etc.

Also, You can display In-App Guidance for Specific Records by choosing a particular record. Earlier, when the guidance prompt was set in a particular record, it would be set on all record pages. From now on, you can set the filter to display app guidance to the specific record only.

Save frequently used Pipeline views

This feature will really help save time as this will allow you to save the pipeline views. It won’t need to recreate them anymore. You can also create filters in Pipeline Inspection.

A new Most LIkely Forecast Category

A new category of likely forecast has been included in addition to the other four categories. It will enable users to track the forecast which has the most likelihood of getting close. It will be available as a picklist value to the users.

Administrator opt-in BETA feature

This feature will help businesses on mobile devices to access Salesforce in the full-width display. It will display record layout in optimized components for mobile. It supports Einstein Analytics, Lightning navigation and apps, and Full-width Lightning record pages.

New section “Sort Order’ in the Activity Timeline

The Sort Order section in the Activity Timeline filter will help you to sort the new or old upcoming and overdue activities in the timeline. It will help you to focus on pending tasks by sorting them into the list.

Layout Component in Lightning Email Templates

Now you add rows and templates in the drag and drop Email Template Builder easily. You just have to drag the layout from the component menu and drop it in the canvas to start creating rich structured email templates.

Dynamic Interactions

With this groundbreaking feature, admins can build applications on the Lightning page with Clicks, not codes based on user interactions. Developers can build custom components in the events and then the admin can configure the events by setting the dynamic interactions in Lightning App Builders Also, with the new org-specific metrics feature you can check your Lightning page performance improvements.

Final Thoughts

That was pretty much about the Winter ’22 release note. You may also read the detailed features of the release here.

Also, Do not forget to check out more updates on the Salesforce release and other Salesforce events in our blog section. And, for efficient Salesforce solutions for your business, you may contact Outsource Salesforce anytime!