Salesforce Unveils New User Insight Tools: Tableau Pulse and Tableau GPT

Salesforce Unveils New User Insight Tools: Tableau Pulse and Tableau GPT

Recently, at the Tableau Conference, Salesforce announced Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse to enable users to analyze data automatically, anticipate user needs, and generate actionable insights in the era of generative AI.

After bringing the power of Einstein GPT and Data Cloud in Sales Cloud and Flow, Salesforce is all set to bring the next generation of Tableau powered by Einstien AI Generative technology and real-time data from Data Cloud.

Let’s explore the capabilities of these two tools in this blog today!

Tableau Pulse and Tableau GPT

Tableau Pulse: Real-time Data Alerts

Tableau Pulse is basically Tableau reimagined, supercharged by Tableau GPT to provide users with real-time alerts when their data changes. This tool enables businesses to stay up-to-date on critical metrics and respond quickly to changing conditions.

Businesses can make real-time data-driven decisions with Tableau Pulse, which is available to all Tableau users.

Tableau GPT: Natural Language Processing for Data Exploration

Tableau GPT uses natural language processing (NLP) to help users explore their data and ask questions in plain language.

With Tableau GPT, users can type in a question such as, “What were our sales in Q1?” and Tableau will generate a visualization that answers the question. This technology makes it easier for non-technical users to explore their data and get insights without the need for complex data analysis techniques.

Tableau GPT generates real-time visualizations based on natural language prompts for sales, commerce, and service leaders. It provides recommendations for achieving sales goals, insights for improving average order value, and identifies causes and offers solutions for changes in teams’ CSAT scores.

Tableau GPT is currently in beta and will be available to users later this year.

Data Cloud for Tableau

Data Cloud (previously Genie) creates a single, real-time customer profile by unifying data across channels and interactions. It supports zero-copy data sharing, making data instantly available to anyone.

New features in Data Cloud for Tableau include Instant Analytics for live analysis and visualization, and Data Spaces for segmented insights in a single instance.

Wrap Up

Tableau, Einstein, and GPT will together help businesses gain insights into their customers’ behavior and preferences with real-time alerts, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and automated content creation.

If you are interested in implementing these features in your business, talking to expert Salesforce consultants like Outsource Salesforce might help. Get in touch with us today!