Salesforce Releases New Sales Cloud Innovations Powered By Einstein GPT and Data Cloud

Salesforce Releases New Sales Cloud Innovations Powered By Einstein GPT and Data Cloud

Empowering the sales teams, Salesforce recently released five new Sales Cloud capabilities that leverage the power of real-time data from Einstein GPT and Data Cloud.

Sales teams, at present times, are facing numerous challenges in achieving their quotas and meeting customer expectations. In fact, only 28% of sales reps expect to hit their sales targets.

At such times, the power of AI and data can help organizations automate mundane tasks, increase efficiency, and keep sales reps focused on making every customer interaction count.

Hence, Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is leading the charge in this arena with a host of new innovations powered by Data Cloud and Einstein AI. Let us learn more about them!

Salesforce Releases New Sales Cloud Innovations Powered By Einstein GPT and Data Cloud

5 New Sales Cloud Innovations for Sales Teams

Here are some of the latest additions to the platform that are changing the game for sales teams:

  • Einstein GPT for Sales

This powerful AI tool allows sales teams to generate highly personalized and relevant emails based on CRM data. With Einstein GPT, sales reps can save time writing emails and focus on closing deals.

The innovative feature, Einstein Bots for Sales, automates lead conversion and helps sales reps talk to the right people at the right time by pre-qualifying web visitors.

With Einstein Conversation Insights, reps can transcribe and analyze conversations in 14 languages, including Japanese, German, Spanish, and Hindi.

  • Tableau for Sales

Using Data Cloud and Einstein GPT, Tableau for Sales enables self-service data exploration of any data, allowing sales leaders to analyze their business and develop new revenue-generating strategies.

  • Sales Planning

This new feature allows sales teams to build end-to-end sales plans based on CRM data. With Sales Planning, businesses can efficiently allocate capacity, territories, quota, compensation, and more.

  • Activity Capture 360

Available now, this tool you to capture sales data from third-party platforms and report it using standard Salesforce reports. This feature was previously known as Einstein Activity Capture and has undergone significant enhancements since its initial launch.

  • Pay Now

Sales Cloud now offers an easy-to-use reordering portal that reps can send to customers who want to repurchase products. Reps can also use Pay Now to embed payment capabilities into invoices, SMS, or email and offer customers their preferred payment methods.

Wrap Up

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