Salesforce Unveils New Sales Planning Features In Sales Cloud

Salesforce Unveils New Sales Planning Features In Sales Cloud

With reference to our previous blog on New Sales Cloud Innovations, we have given you a rundown of the features of Sales Planning in the Sales Cloud. Adding more innovative features in Sales Planning, Salesforce recently announced the general availability of Sales Planning in the Sales Cloud.

Sales Planning in the sales cycle defines the roadmap toward the success of any business. Planning is a tedious job that involves reaching targets, sending quotes, planning a budget, and much more to achieve overall sales goals.

In the blog, let’s see how Salesforce simplifies the end-to-end plan with Sales Planning available in the Sales Cloud with the power of CRM.

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Major Sales Planning Features In Sales Cloud

Sales Planning will assist firms to accelerate growth by efficiently distributing capacity, territory, quota, remuneration, and more. With the optimized sales plan, companies reduce the risk and benefit the company to achieve targetted goals. In a recent study, 70% of sales leaders agree that sales organization has optimized their sales process and taking fewer risks.

Additionally, Sales planning increases the value of Sales Cloud, which brings together the strength of data, AI, and CRM to support every business in generating revenue and forging connections with their clients.

Let’s have a look at all the Sales Planning major features:

Data-Driven Sales Planning

Avail delightful Sales planning experience, based on agile methodology. All the teams can collaborate in one place that is Sales Cloud to segment data, plan capacity, build equitable territories, and much more.

Data-Driven Sales Planning

Say bye to manual manipulation and initiate your planning process with pre-built templates and accelerate account assignments, and allocate balance quota, budget, and other key factors with a unified interface.

Align Stakeholders with your sales plan

Without leaving Salesforce, all sales planning is done. You can circulate the plan for approval to all the stakeholders with a single click and make sure everyone is aligned with the plan.

Closing Thought

Salesforce Sales Planning streamlines the planning process, connects teams to data through a single source of truth, and enables businesses to adapt swiftly. Efficient Sales Planning with the power of CRM will save lots of time and help businesses to reach their business goals.

Inculcate sales planning in your Sales Cloud and achieve your sales targets. For consultation reach out to the Sales Cloud expert at Outsource Salesforce. Book a demo today for expert advice. Stay tuned for more informative blogs from the Salesforce world.