Salesforce strengthen Sales Cloud with its acquisition of Sales Enablement Provider LevelJump

Salesforce strengthen Sales Cloud with its acquisition of Sales Enablement Provider LevelJump

The CRM leader Salesforce pulls off another acquisition by bringing LevelJump under its wing recently, followed by its acquisition of RPA provider Servicetrace.
For the uninitiated, LevelJump is a Canada-based Sales enablement software provider and it is built natively on the Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce closed the acquisition recently and with this venture, Salesforce will sync LevelJump’s result-oriented enablement and coaching within the Sales Cloud platform to guide and provide better engagement and to measure its impact on the Sales process.

The SVP Product, Sales Cloud, Taksina Eammano said,” As handshakes and team meetings have moved online, its critical onboarding and enablement also evolve. Bringing LevelJump into Salesforce will empower our customers to effectively engage a distributed workforce and measure success based on outcomes and peer learning—ultimately building high-performing teams fast.”

What this acquisition means for the Sales team

As per the report by ZipRecruiter, there has been a steady rise in the number of open sales positions from 65% to more than 700,000 open positions across the United States. In current times, Upskilling the future Sales workspace is vital for closing deals.

Hence, Salesforce’s integration of LevelJump with Trailhead will be a great move to build a high-performing sales team since enablement is directly seeded in Sales Cloud.

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Enablement is the key to nurture and retain talent

In the recently concluded Dreamforce event, some of the sales hacks we learned were how training talent and communicating effectively with sales teams is essential for driving predictable revenue. And the recent acquisition of LevelJump just makes it easier!

As the world after the pandemic navigates through a hybrid workspace model, it is very crucial for companies to develop and Coach their Sales team to drive growth in such market scenarios. Needless to mention, training opportunities and career growth will be the decisive factors for the retention of the workforce.
A seamless onboarding process and developments experiences help businesses to keep their Sales team to stay engaged, retain talents and thereby close more deals

With LevelJump Sales Enablement, Sales teams can

  • Create programs for Sales reps to compete.
  • You can bind these milestones back to Salesforce’s data.
  • With the collected data, you can connect revenue metrics directly into the Sales Enablement program.
  • As milestones data are visible, you can identify opportunities for extra coaching.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the technology in Sales Cloud will make it easier for companies to build a more efficient sales team faster with data-driven coaching. In addition to that, they can also skill up sales reps with real-time learning and connect enablement to revenue.

So if you want to leverage Sales Cloud for your Sales team, our experts at Outsource salesforce can guide you with the right solution. Talk to our Salesforce experts now!