Salesforce ventures into RPA: Acquires RPA provider Servicetrace

Salesforce ventures into RPA: Acquires RPA provider Servicetrace

Recently Salesforce announced that the CRM leader is all set to acquire Robotic Process Automation(RPA) software provider, Servicetrace for an unrevealed amount.

To begin with, Servicetrace is a german based software company and after the acquisition, it will be absorbed into Mulesoft. Though the financial details of the deal were not disclosed, the deal is expected to close by the third quarter of Salesforce’s fiscal year 2022.

By adding Servicetrace into Mulesoft, Salesforce aims to deliver a unified integration, API management, and RPA platform further enriching Salesforce Customer 360 to able organizations to offer connected experience from anywhere.

What this acquisition means for customers

As per the Salesforce Trends in Workflow Automation report, around 95% of IT and Engineering leaders says their organizations are looking to prioritize workflow automation. The RPA deployment in businesses has risen because it enables users to automate work processes easily without having any technical knowledge.

Eventually, This has led to the creation of more data that companies find challenging to securely integrate, automate and manage workflows.

Hence, Salesforce upon resolving Servicetrace with Mulesoft will make it possible to automate business processes easily and, rapidly increase speed and productivity. The new RPA will also add more power to Salesforce’s Einstien automate solution delivering end-to-end workflow automation across various systems for sales service and many more.

Salesforce ventures into RPA Acquires RPA provider Servicetrace

Know about Servicetrace

Service trace was founded in the year 2004 long before the concept of RPA existed. It’s a German-based company that has been a pioneer in developing software robotics and automation solution for the last 15 years.

Salesforce acquired Mulesoft in 2018 to offer their customers solutions to connect disparate systems going through digital transformations.

“Servicetrace is a good fit for Salesforce, as their applications by default involve users undertaking a lot of repetitive tasks, and developers that build on the Salesforce platform often use third-party RPA tools. Salesforce will be in a position to bundle this into their platform and most likely also offer it at a very low cost” said, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal analyst, Deep Analysis.


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