Salesforce Adds The Power Of EinsteIn GPT And Data Cloud In New Field Service Innovations

Salesforce Adds The Power Of EinsteIn GPT And Data Cloud In New Field Service Innovations

Salesforce continues to supercharge its suite of products with the power of Einstein GPT and Data Cloud. After flow, Salesforce brings the combined capabilities of these platforms into Field Services innovations.

Recently, Salesforce announced new innovations for Salesforce Field Service, fuelled by Data Cloud and Einstein GPT.

These innovations will not only generate insights but also lower service costs across industries such as healthcare, the public sector, and manufacturing.

Here is a brief rundown of these innovations. Take a look!

EinsteIn GPT And Data Cloud

How will this innovation help Field Service teams

Field service teams are crucial to growing businesses, with 86% of decision-makers believing they are essential.
Hence, the new Salesforce Field Service solutions that leverage AI, real-time data, automation, and Service Cloud will be extremely beneficial for businesses to streamline field operations and enhance customer experiences.

Here is what’s new in these innovations

Salesforce’s latest updates have added exciting new features to their Public Sector products, including Home Health and Field Service.

But that’s not all!

  • The new Field Service Mobile, powered by the impressive technology of Einstein GPT, will help onboard new team members quickly, optimize workforce efficiency in the field, and enable customers to solve their own issues with self-service tools.
  • Asset Service Management, backed by the power of Data Cloud, keeps complex equipment up and running by utilizing real-time data and usage-based predictive maintenance.
  • And lastly, Contractor Management with Flex Worker Management will make scaling a contractor workforce a breeze, by deploying them based on skills, proximity, and available tools.

Both Field Service for Mobile and Asset Service Management will be available in beta in December 2023. However, Contract Management is generally available now.

Wrap Up

These innovations will empower field service providers to deliver end-to-end field service solutions ensuring more impactful customer experiences and streamlined processes. 

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