Salesforce partners with TikTok to engage Commerce Cloud merchants with shoppers

Salesforce partners with TikTok to engage Commerce Cloud merchants with shoppers

Recently, the CRM leader Salesforce announced its partnership with Tiktok, a popular social media platform to enable Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants to engage with the Tiktok community.

Salesforce is investing in this partnership to help businesses reach the vast community of social media shoppers by advertising and making their products more discoverable to the shoppers.

With this partnership, Salesforce is aiming to connect with TikTok’s 1 billion monthly users and present highly personalized content for them, giving them opportunities to connect with their preferred brand.

Factors driving the partnership

According to the Salesforce’s State of Connected Customer report, 65% of new-age customers prefer engaging through digital channels, and 61% of customers expect to shop on social media in the coming three years.

This data reflects that social commerce is gradually becoming an important channel for businesses to engage with customers and sell more products.
Understanding the growth prospect, Salesforce expands its social offerings with its partnership with TikTok.

Previously also, Salesforce Customer 360 platform offered integrations with Facebook and Instagram to help brands seamlessly connect with their users. And the latest association with TikTok is the next crucial step to empowering Commerce Cloud users.

Ways Commerce Cloud merchants can engage on TikTok

The new offerings enable the merchants to build their presence on TikTok seamlessly and efficiently.
So, here are some ways merchants can engage on TikTok-

  • Firstly, merchants can enhance their merchandiser visibility through automated product feeds. By utilizing various catalog-focused advertising solutions with a simple one-click setup that syncs pre-existing Commerce Cloud catalogs on TikTok, merchants can have their products published quickly and easily on Tik Tok.
  • Secondly, With TikTok Pixel, merchants can deliver best-in-class personalization and ad conversion efficiency. Tiktok pixel improves product discovery by analyzing ad performances and optimizing campaigns easily and quickly.
  • Also, Merchants can enrich the customer journey with collection ads and videos while inspiring new audiences on the channel. Besides, merchants can now add or launch TikTok as a new sales channel easily with the Commerce Cloud.

Final Thoughts

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