Salesforce Joins The Bandwagon, Introduces Einstein GPT

Salesforce Joins The Bandwagon, Introduces Einstein GPT

Recently, Salesforce has shared several teasers on Twitter announcing the arrival of Salesforce’s own AI Generative tool, EinsteinGPT.

The CRM leader will make the official announcement at the TrailblazerDX ‘23 (March 7 &8, 2023).

Though it is not confirmed now how Salesforce will integrate the GPT model into its ecosystem, but the teasers shared by the CEO definitely hint at its wider inclusion in Sales Cloud.

According to Salesforce, Einstein GPT will

  • Generate Leads and close deals
  • Write reports
  • Predict the customer’s next move.

And just like ChatGPT, we are speculating EinsteinGPT will also generate Apex code, Lightning pages, validation rules, and much more.

Salesforce Joins The Bandwagon, Introduces Einstein GPT

Significance of the news

Salesforce is well-known for making its move into new territories and bringing remarkable innovations. When ChatGPT by Open AI stole the world’s attention, all eyes were on Salesforce to join the bandwagon and see what they could offer.

More so, when Google released its own version of ChatGPT, Bard, in response to OpenAI’s superstar tool in order to regain its dominance as the global AI research body.

Even Microsoft also integrated GPT into its search engine, Bing with an aim to deliver instant value.

Interestingly, the same day Salesforce dropped the teasers on Twitter, another Salesforce ISV, Pipeline, announced its integration with GPT allowing Salesforce customers to generate email prospecting and objection handling.

Generative AI is the future

Generative AI brings a modern revolution in driving new user productivity for Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce. It must also be implemented responsibly. The EinsteinGPT is expected to do both.

Whatever it is, as of now, we are eagerly waiting for Trailblazer DX2023 to uncover what EinsteinGPT has in store for us. Click on the link here if you wish to register for the Trailblazer DX 2023.


Summing up, the future looks promising as Salesforce enters into the GPT space.
We will continue to bring more updates on this and other major Salesforce updates. So, stay tuned, and do not forget to talk to us if you need help with Salesforce Consulting Services.