Top 5 features of Sales Cloud in Summer 2022 release

Top 5 features of Sales Cloud in Summer 2022 release

The Summer 2022 release notes have got some fantastic enhancements in Sales Cloud.

As a Sales Cloud Implementation partner, we are excited to play around with these new features.
If you are also a Salesforce enthusiast and looking forward to knowing about the latest features, stay with us till the end of the blog to uncover the latest features.

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight to the features!

What’s new in the Summer 2022 release in Sales Cloud

Though there are a couple of features that are interesting and are of great interest to the Sales team, we have picked our hot favorites among the lot.

Before moving to the features, let us tell you that now Unlimited and Performance Edition orgs can access several Sales Cloud features without purchasing add-on licenses.

So, our top 5 new Sales Cloud Features are-

1. Person accounts-

With this latest release, You will be able to enable Person accounts in your orgs without seeking assistance from Salesforce Support. Once enabled, you cannot disable this feature, so be sure to test it before it hits production.

2. Collaborative Forecasts-

Now you can do so much more with custom filters to effectively manage your sales cycle with Collaborative forecasting.

Using custom filters, you can define filters to sort by defining picklists, currency, and standard number fields to include the right opportunity data in the forecasts.

3. Einstein Activity Capture-

This new feature will allow users to override automatic associations and use a new email insight. Also, sales leaders can leverage this feature to benefit from several email features, along with the ability to create calendar events directly from the availability view.

4. High-Velocity Sales-

The HVS app will be renamed Sales Engagement and will now be included in Unlimited and Performance Editions by default in the Summer 2022 release cycle.

The features in High-Velocity Sales will enable users to add sales cadence fields to task reports and get new email sending limits. Please note that the permission set names will also change in Unlimited and Performance editions.

5. Salesforce Meetings-

This tool will help sales reps ensure meaningful interaction with prospects and customers and increase attendee engagement.

With Meeting Digest, the sales team will be able to see the necessary information about the customer history and relevant activity before going on the call.

A feature called Meeting studio comes with a camera and presentation view to keep customers engaged.


With this, we wrap up this week’s issue on the Summer 2022 release and hope you liked this coverage. Stay in touch for more updates on Salesforce.

And, do not forget to talk to our Salesforce experts at Outsource Salesforce if you need assistance in implementing the Sales Cloud features in your business. Get in touch!