Salesforce integrates Genie Customer Data Cloud with Tableau

Salesforce integrates Genie Customer Data Cloud with Tableau

Salesforce has recently launched a new integration between Tableau and its Genie Customer Data Cloud platform. The integration allows Salesforce users to unlock valuable insights from the Genie platform and make dynamic use of the data it organizes.

This means Genie will now be natively available on Tableau!

To understand the power of this combination, we need to look at how Genie works. It collects real-time data from multiple sources and combines it into a single source of truth, making it easier for brands to build unified customer profiles. Tableau then steps in to visualize this data, revealing powerful insights that can be leveraged to improve business processes.

With this integration, Salesforce customers can now benefit from an even more comprehensive view of their customers, enabling them to make smarter decisions and drive maximum value.

Salesforce integrates Genie Customer Data Cloud with Tableau

How the integration benefits teams

Powered by Tableau, the Genie Customer Data Platform allows you to visualize, explore, and act on data about each customer securely in real-time, across all channels, on a massive scale.
Here’s how various industries can benefit from this native integration in Tableau-

  • Service – With this integration, Service leaders can now access real-time customer data and route customers to suitable agents with the right skills. Agents can then deliver exceptional service based on a unified customer profile provided by Genie.
  • BFSI – Financial services companies can really make a positive impact on their client’s lives. By tracking their activities and life events, they can gain insight into their client’s financial goals and provide proactive assistance to help them meet big milestones, such as buying a home, financing their children’s education, or planning retirement.
  • Automotive – Using analytics, automotive leaders can determine driving distances and trips for each model and region. This insight can help them understand their customers’ driving habits and usage, allowing them to provide better services and upsell subscription services.
  • Marketing – Marketers can use data to unlock the secrets behind customer attitudes and behaviors and create personalized recommendations that increase conversions. Brands can scale quickly by collecting real-time sales, commerce, and web traffic data to provide seamless customer experiences and track unexpected engagement.
  • Retail – Retailers can harness the power of their customer data to gain a 360-degree view of their customers and make data-driven decisions. By unlocking the potential of customer insights, they can create tailored shopping experiences, optimize marketing strategies, and maximize sales and loyalty.


Now, businesses can drive more from their customer data with the Genie customer data cloud natively available in Tableau. Book a demo call with us at Outsource Salesforce to help you implement the benefits of these Salesforce products into your business! Contact today!