Salesforce Genie fuels new innovations in Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Genie fuels new innovations in Marketing Cloud

Salesforce recently launched Salesforce Genie, which was introduced as “the most significant shift to the Salesforce platform” in more than 20 years by Salesforce CEO Bret Taylor.

Salesforce Genie takes Customer Data Platform a step further by updating customer data in real-time and making it available across Salesforce’s entire suite of products.

Genie integrates data from multiple channels at every step of interaction and presents a unified customer record. This makes companies meet their customers right where they are since the customer data is getting updated and made available in mere seconds. Think of all the ways this would empower marketers to drive growth.

Genie has powered new Marketing Cloud innovations that will help organisations deliver personalized service across channels that are immediately updated.

Genie Innovations for Marketers

Customer Data innovations to build efficient customer relationships

Genie has upgraded CDP by enabling marketers to access real-time data and connect it across different channels in Salesforce and also leverage Genie’s strategic partnerships. The real-time integration of data will also drive highly personalized marketing and alter marketing approaches according to the customer profile.

The new Genie Collections on AppExchange has 18 Genie partners and is a collection of apps and experts that will enable companies to enhance their marketing game.

genie for Marketing Cloud

Intelligent insights for marketers to optimize marketing performance

The expert-built data preparation feature of Marketing Cloud Intelligence enables complex marketing and advertising integration that can be shared with other tools. These tools can help companies get analysis and insights to optimize their marketing strategies.

Automate Engagement to save time and resources

The new innovations- Real-time Journey Orchestration and Account Engagement API Enhancement and External Actions help automate engagement across channels and save time. Real-time Journey Orchestration helps automate real-time customer engagement whereas Account Engagement API Enhancement and External Actions offer enhanced APIs that help marketing and sales teams work together efficiently and reduce costs.


We hope that you are just as excited about these new Marketing Cloud innovations as we are. If you’re wondering how these innovations can help your business, connect with Outsource for your Salesforce consultation and also get a free quote!