Salesforce Innovation In SlackGPT: Slack AI, Slack Lists And New Automation Capabilities

Salesforce Innovation In SlackGPT: Slack AI, Slack Lists And New Automation Capabilities

Dreamforce 23 is just a week away and Salesforce announced new Slack product innovations- Slack AI, Slack List, and new Automation capabilities to boost productivity. These features may be part of product demonstration at Dreamforce, the annual conference next week.

In the NYC World Tour, Salesforce announced SlackGPT, and now it has revealed three of its new features. Slack new features include Slack AI, Slack Lists, and AI Automation, which are dedicated to making life easier for the team and increasing productivity.

In the blog, we will discuss these features in detail, as well as their capabilities along with their availability. Let’s have a look at what these innovations are all about.

Boost Productivity With AI Innovation In Slack

Salesforce introduces the capabilities of AI in Slack and gives an intelligent productivity platform. The platform provides reliable data privacy and does not use your data for the training purpose of the model. The features are:

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Slack AI is built into native Slack and is responsible for offering the same security and compliance to the customers. With AI capabilities, you can save time and work smarter in Slack’s conversational interface. Slack AI capabilities are:

  • Channel Recap instantly summarizes any channel activities and helps to focus on important information only.
  • Thread Summaries also give a summary of lengthy discussions within the team.
  • Search answers help you to search anything, and it will not only return results of relevant messages, files, and channels but also generate an AI summary.

Slack Automation

Slack is not only a place for conversation but also empowers the team to automate workflow with Workflow Builder. You can quickly get started with the templates, access recent run workflow, and also explore workflow used across your organization, either making a copy or customizing in the Workflow builder. With Slack Automation you can:

  • Automate tasks using a few clicks and integrate multiple third-party tools in a single workflow.
  • Developers can build custom apps and host directly on Slack and also can be integrated into Workflow Builder to maximize usage.

Slack List

Slack list can help you to manage your tasks within the communication platform. The major features are:

  • Track Projects in one place, assign an owner, update status, and discuss details in a dedicated thread.
  • Manage launches by monitoring progress and dependencies and give instant notifications.
  • Workflow Builder helps to review, approve, and request on one platform.


  • This winter Slack AI and Slack List will be in the pilot
  • The Workflow Builder available on the paid plan
  • A New Automation hub available later this month


This is all about the Salesforce AI innovation in SlackGPT. This year is full of AI and a lot more can be seen in Dreamforce 23 with this thought wrapping up the blog.

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