New Salesforce AI Innovations In Field Service

New Salesforce AI Innovations In Field Service

Salesforce announces AI innovation in Field Service just a few weeks before the Dreamforce’23. Salesforce Field Service is the extension of the service cloud only. With the AI innovation in Field Service, businesses will benefit from productivity, drive revenue, and gain customer satisfaction.

In the blog, we will discuss the Salesforce Field Service GPT, and how these AI features benefit the user and drive business. We will also check out the availability of the AI-enabled Field Service innovation in the market.

Let’s dive into the blog and enlighten ourselves with the upcoming AI-powered Field Service Innovation.

Field Service Innovation

What New In Salesforce Field Service Innovation

With the new AI-powered Field service innovations organizations can streamline their field operations, increase productivity and consecutively increase revenue along with gaining trust of the valued customers and increasing a strong database. We are able to equip our frontline workers with the power of AI.

With the new Field Service capabilities, customers can book appointments and track progress on preferred messaging channels. At the same time, our mobile worker can predict the duration of the task, the equipment, work capacity required to finish the task. It reduced the time involved in the paperwork.

With the power of the data cloud, companies give a real view of assets’ condition, repair history, and maintenance condition, thus assigning the task and predicting the resolution in minimum downtime.

Features Of AI-Powered Field Service

The power of AI + Data + CRM keeps your mobile worker connected with the customers. Let’s have a look at how these innovations impact our businesses:

  • AI-powered self-service helps to respond faster, with the appointment assistant customers can schedule, reschedule, and cancel their appointments. As well as track their service.
  • Data Cloud gives a unified view of the customers and their assets and thus gives a complete view of the asset in real-time at scale. With this capability, Einstein can automatically add the service required with the complete duration and assign the right technician for the task, thus increasing workforce efficiency.
  • The front team can minimize the administrative work with AI-powered work summarization and focus on solving customer challenges.
  • Augmented reality capabilities capture the data, suggest quicker resolution, and get the job done faster.
  • Mobile quoting and document builder and Pay Now help companies generate invoices and collect payments in one place.

Availability and Pricing Of Field Service GPT

At first only, Field Service customers who have purchased the unlimited addition are eligible to use GPT-powered innovations. Later customers can buy enterprise expansion packs for the service team.

A constrained number of Einstein GPT credits are included in the Field Service GPT, which is now in pilot mode and will be part of the Field Service unlimited version.


Salesforce AI capabilities are expanding and acing the AI world. It is highly anticipated that Dreamforce’23 will be the event where AI will revolutionize different products and services.

This time we have AI-powered Field service innovation, having the power of AI + Data + CRM and smoothen the job of front-line workers. If you are interested in adding the capabilities in your org consult our Field Service GPT expert at Outsource Salesforce. And always visit our blog section with all the latest innovations and updates in the Salesforce ecosystem.