Salesforce Connections 2022: Key Highlights

Salesforce Connections 2022: Key Highlights

The Salesforce Connections 2022 event just got over!
Like every year, this year also, the event has unveiled new innovations, along with tips and inspiring notes from industry leaders.

This year, Salesforce Connections 2022 was held on June 8-9 in Chicago and witnessed a huge turnout of marketers and commerce professionals from all over the world.

If you haven’t had the chance to catch up with the best moments from the events, Do not worry!

We are here with the key highlights of the event for you to learn more about the innovations announced at the conference.

So, without procrastinating, let’s start!

Major takeaways of the Salesforce Connections 2022

The key highlights of the event can be summarized in significant innovations around Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud.

The innovations in SMFC are

  • Triggered Campaign Messages: Salesforce brings this feature by combining Marketing Cloud Personalization and Engagement to understand customer preferred products and engage with them.
  • Google Ads and Salesforce CDP: With this feature, customers can leverage their first-party data to plan and optimize their marketing campaigns on Google ads and deliver personalized campaigns.
  • Digital Command For Slack: This feature enables you to track activities and performances across SFMC and Commerce Cloud, with Slack being the digital HQ.
  • Intelligence Connector for B2C Commerce Cloud: This new tools help marketers get precious insights into revenue, sales performance, and products in real-time.
  • New AppExchange Partners for Marketing and Commerce: New partners were announced for CDP and commerce Cloud on Salesforce AppExchange to build new relationships with personalized experiences.

Innovations in Commerce Cloud

  • Commerce Marketplace: With this feature, businesses can build, manage and scale a marketing solution on Commerce Cloud. They can also include products from different companies in their catalog and reach new buyers.
  • NFT Cloud: Salesforce officially launched NFT Cloud in Salesforce Connections 2022. Salesforce Customer 360 Platform now can be used as a platform to source, manage, and sell NFTS while getting a complete 360-degree view.
  • Social Integration for Commerce Cloud: Salesforce partnered with Tiktok recently. The Social integration feature enables commerce cloud users to segment audiences, create product feeds, automate them, and publish ads while discovering and reaching out to new audiences.
  • Commerce for Customer Service: With this new capability, service agents can access the order history of customers across various channels and initiate the processing of exchanges, discounts, etc. all by themselves.
  • Seamless Commerce: With seamless commerce, businesses can save money and time with a comprehensive commerce solution supported by partners.

Wrap Up

Summing up, those were the key highlights of Salesforce Connections 2022.

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