Salesforce Brings New Innovations in Commerce Cloud to Help Companies Across Diverse Industries

Salesforce Brings New Innovations in Commerce Cloud to Help Companies Across Diverse Industries

Just a few days after launching new Commerce Cloud solutions for the Automotive industry, Salesforce unveiled some brand new innovations in Commerce Cloud to help organizations across diverse industries boost revenue while driving efficiency and reducing costs.

The innovations are designed in a way that companies across different industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, technology etc can leverage automation and unified customer data to embed personalized commerce opportunities, enabling them to drive efficiency and cut costs while growing revenue and margins.

So, let’s explore how the new commerce cloud innovations benefit different industries to maximize revenue and streamline operations. Read on!

Salesforce Brings New Innovations in Commerce Cloud to Help Companies Across Diverse Industries

1. Healthcare Industries

Commerce Cloud assists in building trusted reliable experiences for healthcare providers. As Healthcare businesses anticipate 46% of revenue to be derived from digital channels in the upcoming two years, new commerce cloud solutions will help them in the following ways:

  • Launching storefronts with a HIPAA-compliant commerce cloud platform to enable easy and fast ordering of consumables, pharmaceutical supplies, and medical devices.
  • With connected commerce, order management, and service, healthcare can get visibility into orders, access real-time inventory data, and make modifications to reduce costs.

2. Manufacturing Industries

For Manufacturing industries, the Commerce Cloud is here to redefine the buying experiences.

Here are the ways the innovations help:

  • Revamp operations and reduce expenses by offering self-service purchasing, subscription management, and unified data models for both B2B and D2C customers.
  • Streamline order fulfillment and servicing with automated inventory routing, providing a unified experience across commerce, service, and marketing.

3. Consumer Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods Companies can uncover new sales channels with Commerce Cloud by:

  • Customize your D2C and B2B channels with 112 promotion types, fast storefront templates, a set of products, and guided selling in over 80 languages and currencies.
  • Lower costs and offer better customer service with Order Management, which provides real-time order routing, tracking, and servicing from one central source.

4. Technology

Commerce Cloud helps the tech industry to consolidate data and expand revenue by enabling them to

  • Streamline operations and open new buying channels with automation.
  • Drive loyalty and recurrent revenue through subscriptions, and boost cart sizes by adding subscription services to initial purchases.


And that’s how Commerce Cloud Innovations supercharges companies across different industries to grow revenue and margin while lowering costs.

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