Salesforce and AWS team up to help Non-Profits with open source offerings

Salesforce and AWS team up to help Non-Profits with open source offerings

The two cloud computing giants, Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS), have entered into a partnership to bring Data Lake for Non-profit Cloud, an open-source technology solution powered by Amazon to help Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud customers.

With this joint venture, organizations will now be more capable to leverage and transform their Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud data into actionable insights with visual analytics to drive better outcomes for their organizations.

Data Lake for Non-Profit Cloud will be available on GitHub as an open-source offering allowing customizations as per the customer’s requirements.

What is the significance of the partnership?

Nonprofit organizations need to be on the front lines whenever any crisis occurs. They need to respond fast and thus require agile solutions to deliver consistently.

But they face a lot of hurdles, the biggest one being the lack of data strategy. This issue gets even more challenging with their inefficiency in navigating through the legacy and new systems.

Furthermore, as many Nonprofits shifted to digital-first models in the last couple of years, they generated more data than ever.

We know data is of critical importance to the Nonprofits, whether for fundraising, community building, or finding the areas their work is making the most impact.

So, to solve the challenges of siloed data, both Salesforce and AWS have come together with the open-source offering.

How the partnership will benefit the Nonprofits

Connected to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack, Data Lake for Nonprofit Cloud will enable Nonprofits to bring their marketing, fundraising, and program data into a single view. As a result, Nonprofits can now get a real-time look into factors that are both working and not working for them.


  • This will also result in better resource allocation and decision-making.
  • They can also feed data into the Tableau platform to gain actionable insights with rich visualizations.
  • With this, they can simplify their data operations to accelerate impact and engagement.
  • Further, this offering helps them develop a unified data strategy with technology like MuleSoft and Tableau – all within AWS.
  • As the process is a guided Flow, there is no coding required enabling anyone to execute it with just a few clicks.
  • Also, this solution leverages automation to create an automated connection between Salesforce and the data model in AWS, a data synchronization schedule, and analytics reporting and visualization within Tableau.

Wrap Up

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