Salesforce Field Service: Redefining the mobile  workforce for quality field service

Salesforce Field Service: Redefining the mobile workforce for quality field service

Managing the team of service technicians or field workforce is quite a complex task as it involves many variables that require monitoring and controlling, manually by human labor.

This process is not only time-consuming but is also prone to human error. Many organizations fail to deliver a good customer experience because of miscommunication, delay, or incomplete information arising from faulty service team management.

As a customer-centric platform, Salesforce realizes how important it is for organizations to provide quality field services to gain their customers satisfaction.
Hence, Salesforce rolled in Salesforce Field Service to enable businesses to deliver speedy and efficient onsite service.
Let us know about Salesforce Field Service and its features in the subsequent sections. Let’s roll-

Introduction to Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service is a flexible field service solution and an on-site job management platform that has real-time collaboration capability. The Field Service Technology(FSM) automates the operations of the field service team through mobile systems. Salesforce uses this technology for delivering trusted field service faster and from anywhere.

Reports suggest that even during the pandemic, 80% of service leaders said that field service still remained an integral part of their business strategy as 70% of customers still preferred in-person service.

Therefore, with digital transformation, the definition of Field Service had broadened and now technicians can diagnose and even solve problems remotely with mobile applications and technology to provide trusted service efficiently and effectively.

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Key Features of Salesforce Field Service

  • With the Salesforce Field Service platform, you can create and manage work orders for the field service operations team. You can refer to the Knowledge Base content instantly and follow SLA compliance with milestones. Work Orders you create can be integrated with Contacts, Accounts, and other objects so that you can pull them across Salesforce.
  • You can leverage Einstein’s AI capability to maximize your first-time fix rate. The Einstein Vision allows technicians to use image recognition to identify issues in images. Thus, your technicians can solve problems by identifying the right product to be fixed and ensure success the first time.
  • The Salesforce Field Service mobile app empowers your mobile workforce to provide solutions at the first visit with features such as View of inventory and van stock, job schedules, along with knowledge articles and Einstein AI, You can collaborate with customers and your team in real-time while on the go, even when you have limited bandwidth. The app is highly customizable.
  • Based on location, time, and skills, you can assign tasks to the right technicians with intelligent scheduling.
  • Using Service Analytics, managers and dispatchers can get real-time visibility into operational performances and KPI.


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