Salesforce adds AI to Service and Marketing Cloud to humanize customer experiences

Salesforce adds AI to Service and Marketing Cloud to humanize customer experiences

Understanding the importance of providing personalized experiences to customers, Salesforce has recently launched new features in the Marketing and Service Cloud.

These new features in Service and Marketing Cloud leverage AI to humanize the customer experiences with the new conversational intelligence powered by AI, Customer Data Platform and Field Service Innovations. These innovations are expected to help service teams and marketers across every industry deliver enhanced personalized experiences that can build a strong relationship throughout the customer lifecycle.

Let us know more about these new features in the subsequent sections.

New features in Service Cloud

The Service Cloud steps up with the next-generation voice innovations that use AI capabilities to help agents have meaningful customer interactions, drive valuable insights from purchases, and solve problems faster.

With these innovations, agents can turn into trusted advisors as they deliver more empathetic, human experiences that are crucial to earning customer loyalty.

  • One of the features of the innovations is Contact Lens for Amazon Connect. Natively available to Service Cloud and AWS Connect customers, Amazon Connect uses machine learning and offers some cool features. These features are sentiment analysis in real-time, advanced conversation transcriptions, and real-time supervisor alerts. The Supervisor alerts help in agent coaching and full-text search on-call transcripts.
  • Service Cloud’s partnership with Google Cloud and Genesys: This collaboration will give customers more choices in using Service Cloud and delegating automated workflows and AI-powered recommendations to their teams.

Now companies can sync their phone and customer data, get real-time suggestions and automate call transcriptions while talking to customers on the call with the new telephone connectors from Google and Genesys.

Marketing Cloud innovations

In Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CDP, and Marketing Cloud Intelligence have incorporated AI to help marketers create personalized experiences utilizing customer data.

The new features in the Customer Data Platform enable marketers to create a single source of truth and connect with relevancy in real-time.

  • Marketers can now get notified of a near real-time data signal with the Streaming Insights and Data Actions feature. By capturing the data signals, marketers can know about new customers, payment issues, or any recent product transaction and trigger workflows to take action accordingly.
  • With the Advanced Identity Resolution, companies can match and merge disparate data for better customer identification using AI.
  • Marketers can track customer profiles and gather a rich history of customers data while staying anonymous with the new Anonymous Profiles feature. They can later link these data to the profiles once they become acquaintances.

While CDP offers a single source of truth, Marketing Cloud Intelligence enables marketers to unify analytics and leverage AI for optimized outcomes.

  • Marketers can explore and analyze complex data sets with interactive visualization tools using the new Intelligence feature. Now, they can easily compare business units, campaigns, currencies, and many more in a single customizable view.
  • Intelligence Reports for Engagement got some new enhancements that help companies evaluate performance by client, OS, device, and browser to maximize KPIs for complaints, bounce types, click by links, conversions, etc.

Field Service Innovations

The Field Service Innovations empower the mobile workers to get support from anywhere, even when they have limited bandwidth. These new features allow field technicians to connect with headquarters using the mobile app and offer resolutions to customers using augmented reality.

  • Multi-level Offline Briefcase is a new feature in Salesforce Field Service App that contains necessary records like inventory information, knowledge articles, personalized work plans, and flows to serve customers in-person even if they are offline.
  • With the Virtual Assistant, customers can now initiate a one-on-one virtual meeting with the service team using augmented reality right from their mobile phones to get faster resolution of their issues.

Wrap Up

By leveraging AI into Service and Marketing Cloud, Salesforce enables companies to build strong customer relationships with the impactful experiences they provide to their customers. So, if you are also willing to provide personalized customer experiences, implement Service Cloud into your business. Come and visit us for a free Salesforce Consultation services from our Salesforce experts and grow your business with our brilliant Salesforce Implementation services!