Sales Cloud New Innovations accelerates growth with Einstein-powered tools

Sales Cloud New Innovations accelerates growth with Einstein-powered tools

Are you struggling to close deals and meet customer expectations in the virtual selling space?

If yes, then the world CRM leader Salesforce has solved the problem for you!

Salesforce has recently launched a suite of new innovations in Sales Cloud for Sales teams to drive growth through AI-powered insights, integrated sales enablement resources, and self-service options to support a new approach of digital-first selling.

Bill Patterson, EVP & GM, CRM Applications, Salesforce has stated –

“Salesforce is at the forefront of evolving sales playbooks to meet the needs of customers in the digital-first, work anywhere world. Continued Sales Cloud innovation has made it a leader in its category for more than a decade, empowering sales teams to achieve success no matter the selling landscape.”

So, let us now discover what the new innovations in Sales Cloud include

New Innovations for selling and growing revenue faster

Sales Cloud platforms built on Salesforce Customer 360 helps businesses find the tools needed to modernize their ways of selling and buying in the work from anywhere, digital-first world. Noteworthy, these innovations in Sales Cloud came closely after the announcement of New Slack first enabling the sales reps to associate on deals in real-time and fasten up their sales cycle by an average of 15%.

The new Sales Cloud innovations are-

Revenue Intelligence

The Revenue Intelligence offers the combined capabilities of  Sales Cloud, Tableau, and Einstein forming a unified Revenue Management Command Center for customers to be able to –

  • Close deals with confidence using Einstien Deal Insights that provides AI-powered predictions like win rate, quarterly progress, the likelihood of deal closing or pushing, etc across all customer interactions.
  • Drive forecast accuracy by utilizing the prebuilt analytics powered by Tableau and address the gaps in Targets.
  • Deploy a data first Sales Strategy by identifying the current trend across various dimensions to enhance the performance of sales reps.
einstein -sales cloud

Sales Enablement

Embedded directly in the Sales Cloud, Enablement helps build great performing sales team faster to achieve-

  • Data-driven coaching to help close more deals – Einstein helps sales managers and reps to focus on improving skills to close deals by highlighting the coachable moments in the pipeline and Deal Insights.
  • Improve skills with contextual real-time learning – Sales reps can learn new skills through personalized learning journeys powered by Trailhead and can share and learn with fellow professionals across channels such as video and Slack.
  • Relate Enablement to Revenue – Now the result of applying Enablement to key Sales dimensions like reduction in sales cycle time, lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, and many more can be measured.

Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud

Subscription Management enables organizations to deliver a unified platform experience on Salesforce 360 platform for customers to manage their subscription from any self-service channel.

With this feature, they can

  • Handle the entire subscription journey and access facts and figures for gaining insights into your business.
  • Integrate with any self-service touchpoints to offer self-service options to your customers.
  • Get Einstein’s predictions for late and non-payments to prioritize collection effort. Einstein also recommends best practices for consistent revenue generation.

Wrap up

With these new innovations in Sales Cloud, you can sell faster and drive revenue growth. And, in case you need help with Sales Cloud implementation services, our Salesforce experts at Outsource Salesforce can help you with the best Salesforce Consulting Services in town!