New Innovations combining the power of Slack and Salesforce boosts Sales, Service, Marketing, and Analytics

New Innovations combining the power of Slack and Salesforce boosts Sales, Service, Marketing, and Analytics

After Slack acquisition, Salesforce has recently announced new innovations that have the power of both Slack and Salesforce for teams to stay connected and get success from anywhere with a single source of truth for their businesses.

It has been found in a report that 9 out of 10 businesses are inclined towards adopting the new hybrid work model that allows them to work remotely and onsite together, but only 33% of them have the preparedness for this model.

Here comes Slack-First Customer 360 which has Slack as a hub for everyone to connect, collaborate and act on information across Salesforce and all other businesses, partners, and apps they use.
Further, The new inbuilt integrations between Slack and Salesforce empowers Sales, Service, Marketing and Analytic department to collaborate to form channels to connect with teams, streamline workflows built around Salesforce CRM’s data offering a comprehensive solution for their business. Noteworthy, Slack had recently donated $54M to Salesforce Foundation via Pledge 1% commitment.

Let’s learn how Slack-First Customer 360 boosts sales, service, and marketing in the subsequent sections.

Slack and Salesforce boosts Sales, Service, Marketing,

Supercharging Sales with Slack-First Customer 360

Salesforce equipped with Slack helps sales reps to close deals faster by collaborating on deals in real-time. The new capabilities of Slack provide a deep vision of account details in the Sales Cloud and connect to the right set of people to close deals faster.

To clarify, The two features that sales reps can use to boost sales are

  • Digital Deal team- Here Sales rep can access and update the records of Salesforce directly from Slack. With all information available under one roof, sales reps can onboard quickly by accessing account details in Slack and thus customers and partners can join in to close the deals.
  • Automated daily briefs- this feature provides personalized daily tasks for sales reps to prioritize and take action on the tasks.

Providing Customer care with Slack-First Customer 360

With the combined capability of Salesforce and Slack, service teams can now offer real-time customer support. This association has helped service agents to access Service Cloud data, and Slack channels instantly. This has improved the customer satisfaction rate by 11%. This technology helps Service teams to identify and bring the right experts on the case automatically by the two following features

  • Swarming- This feature creates a Slack Channel to work together on high-priority cases, bringing the right experts on board and external partners as well.
  • Expert Finders –This feature automatically finds out the right experts and adds them to the swarm channels based on their skills.

Managing marketing campaigns effectively

According to a global survey, 76% of marketers believe that using Slack has improved their decision-making ability.
And with Salesforce and Slack coming together, the marketing teams will be able to share a digital workspace to collaborate on customer journeys and drive insights with these new innovations.

The innovations help marketers –

Firstly, to Derive intelligent AI-driven insights from Marketing Cloud and share them directly on Slack for teams to take fast actions on the campaigns.

Secondly, Whenever there is any change in the marketing journey, Workflow Notifications update them in Slack channels for teams to approve changes immediately.

Enabling Data-centric decision making

The innovations will help customers to get access to Tableau’s data-driven insights directly in Slack to make informed and wise business decisions.

  • Automated notifications- This feature in Slack helps people to stay connected to Tableau’s data which are crucial to them.
  • Subscriptions- This feature automatically updates dashboards in team channels giving them access to the data of the locations they are working in.
  • Watchlist digests – It gives a daily update on the chosen trends and metrics.
Slack-First Customer 360

Salesforce partners driving Slack-First technologies

Partners play an important role in extending the benefits of Slack first technologies to customers all over the world.
Hence, Partners like Accenture, Deloitte, and IBM are channeling the new Slack first technology in their businesses and are certifying consultants for the same.
In addition to that, Docusign and Vidyard are offering flawless integrations connecting workflows across Slack -First Customer 360.
Quick note: The slack first technology in Sales, Service, Marketing, and Analytics will be available in fall 2021.

Wrap up

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