New innovations in CRM analytics empower teams with AI-powered insights

New innovations in CRM analytics empower teams with AI-powered insights

Recently, Salesforce has announced new innovations in CRM Analytics, formerly known as Tableau CRM, to enable teams across sales, service, and marketing to infuse AI-based insights directly into the workflows. These innovations will help sales, service, and marketing teams across any industry deliver personalized customer experiences driven by data.

A recent, “The value of getting personalization right—or wrong—is multiplying” study finds that customers prefer to continue buying from the brands that deliver personalized experiences, and companies that follow best data practices enjoy more market growth.

Hence, Salesforce has inculcated these new features in CRM analytics for companies to infuse data-driven insights into customers’ flow of work and deliver impactful customer experiences.

“ Every Customer 360 digital transformation is a data transformation. That’s why we built CRM Analytics — a complete, scalable, AI-powered data and analytics platform native to Salesforce. It enables Salesforce customers across every industry to inject visual and predictive insights and recommendations on the next best action deeply into the flow of work.”- Susan Emerson, Senior Vice President, Global Product Go-to-Market, Salesforce.

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What the new innovations include

It is established that data is the core element for customer-facing teams across multiple industries to derive fruitful business outcomes. Salesforce’s CRM analytics empowers teams to have a trusted interaction with customers based on the predictions and prescriptive recommendations powered by AI. The innovations further make decision-making more effective with these new features:

In the new CRM analytics App for Slack, every conversation centers around data. The app integrates data directly into employees’ workflows, making the analytics more visible, collaborative, and actionable. The feature called Predictions in Slack shows cumulative predictions from Salesforce Reports in the Slack workflows. The predictions are particularly useful for getting a better analysis of customers and deals at risk. With the Search insights, Salesforce customers can find any dashboard or data sets related to the search. You can search from the analytics landing page within CRM Analytics using natural languages. You can get deeper insights on Energy and utilities with Energy and Utilities Analytics. This feature provides guided, agile and actionable insights inbuilt into Salesforce workflow to reduce the time in quotes.

Upcoming features in CRM Analytics to boost revenue cycles

The Revenue Intelligence announced by Salesforce has combined the power of CRM analytics with Sales Cloud to help sales leaders derive AI insights throughout the sales and revenue cycles.

Soon, Salesforce will come up with four new tailored versions of Revenue Intelligence in its Summer’22 release to accelerate revenue growth even further. These features include-

  • Manufacturing Intelligence for Manufacturing Cloud
  • Financial Services Intelligence for Financial Services Cloud
  • Consumer Goods Intelligence for Consumer Goods Cloud
  • Communications Intelligence for Communications Cloud

Wrap Up

Summing up, the new additions in Salesforce CRM Analytics will help teams predict and make data-driven decisions for building stronger customer relationships.

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