Tableau Conference keynote: Unlocking the power of data with new product innovations

Tableau Conference keynote: Unlocking the power of data with new product innovations

The world’s leading analytics platform Tableau has shared its vision of empowering everyone with analytics at Tableau Conference 2021.

The central theme of the conference was to outline the importance of analytics for data culture to succeed in the digital-first world.

At the conference, Tableau introduced new products and innovations to help anyone unleash the power of data through collaborative analytics, AI-driven insights on an extended analytics ecosystem, practically from anywhere.

Apart from introducing new features and innovations, Tableau also showcased how these innovations enable the Tableau economy to flourish by bringing about digital transformation with its growing partners and analytics success.

Let us take a quick look at the highlights of the event:

Highlights of new innovations

A study by IDC found that though mere data does not guarantee success, organizations harnessing strong data culture are expected to have increased competitive advantage, more customer retention, and profit gain.

Hence, to make analytics more powerful, collaborative, and easier for everyone, Tableau rolled in these below-mentioned new features.

Slack- First Analytics

To make analytics more accessible and collaborative, Tableau has enabled everyone to gain insights from Tableau directly from Slack.

  • The Ask Data in Slack feature allows customers to ask their concerns in their natural language and get answers in rich data visualizations.
  • The Explain Data in Slack provides AI-powered explanations to their questions regarding trends in a dataset.
  • Einstein Discovery in Slack feature helps businesses derive AI-based predictions on their critical data for finding causes and actionable recommendations.

Empower decision-making with AI technology

  • With the Model Builder feature, businesses can build and consume predictable plans for their future sales staying within their Tableau workflows.
  • Scenario planning allows businesses to compare different possible scenarios to build models and understand possible outcomes with AI technology.
  • Trusted data at scale feature provides up to date and trusted data for better decision-making. With Virtual connections and centralized row-level security, businesses can share and distribute data across groups and users efficiently.
  • Prep extensions and Share prep flows in Tableau Public allow sharing of flows in public for getting a powerful and flexible data-prep process.
Tableau -Conference

The expansion of the Tableau platform

The Tableau eco-system expands with new features for businesses to grow using data-driven insights. The Tableau platform introduces the following features:

  • The Tableau exchange is a one-stop marketplace for buyers offering products and solutions essential for data analysis. A feature called Accelerators in Tableau Exchange offers prebuilt dashboards relevant to various industries and specific Salesforce Clouds.
  • There is a button called “Hire me” in Tableau public for prospective employers to connect with authors directly.
  • The enhanced embedding offerings give customers the ability to embed Tableau dashboards and metrics with any of their apps to make it an analytical app.
  • Tableau Actions with Salesforce Flow will help businesses to fasten up business processes with actions taken anywhere from Salesforce.
  • You can set up trusted relationships with external services using the Connected Applications feature in Tableau.

Final Thoughts

Thus, Tableau’s vision of unlocking the power of data will help businesses make more informed decisions and drive more profitability.

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