Marketing Cloud Implementation Boosts ROI by 300%: Forrester Study

Marketing Cloud Implementation Boosts ROI by 300%: Forrester Study

According to the latest study by Forrester Consulting Conducted on behalf of Salesforce, Market Cloud Implementation in companies has generated a return on investment (ROI) of 299% over the last three years.
In this study, Forrester evaluated the cost savings and business benefits of five companies using Marketing Cloud.

The report also revealed the following benefits companies witnessed by implementing Marketing Cloud –

  • Increased incremental revenue across channels by more than $5 million.
  • In year three, conversion rates increased by 60%.
  • During the third year, the average order value increased by 35%.
  • The time spent on building and running marketing campaigns was reduced by 60%.
  • Reporting efforts after campaigns were reduced by 90%.
Marketing Cloud Implementation Boosts ROI by 300%: Forrester Study

Why is the news relevant?

Marketers are feeling the heat in the current economic climate. With limited budgets and fewer people to get the job done, the challenge is to deliver more with less – increasing efficiency, driving sales, and cutting costs – all while meeting the ever-increasing digital demands of customers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its latest innovations help businesses propel success at times of economic uncertainty.

The participating companies in the survey also stated that by investing in Marketing Cloud, they were able to unlock powerful insights that enabled them to create more targeted and effective digital experiences for engaged customers.

This improved their marketing campaigns and allowed them to act on higher-quality insights more quickly, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness.

How Marketing Cloud ensures growth

Streamlining operations and enhancing marketing performance, Salesforce Marketing Cloud assists businesses in augmenting revenues, cutting expenses, and delivering personalized customer value for both b2b and b2c organizations, in an exciting way.

Powered by the world’s no.1 real-time CRM platform Salesforce Genie, The SFMC can help businesses personalize marketing moments in real-time, and boost campaign performance with intelligent insights while saving time and money with automated engagement across channels.


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