3 ways Marketing Cloud Innovations drive success at times of economic crisis

3 ways Marketing Cloud Innovations drive success at times of economic crisis

The recent Marketing Cloud innovations unveiled at Dreamforce 2022 include new capabilities that help businesses drive success in a cookieless future and tighter budgets.

Powered by Salesforce’s real-time data platform, Salesforce Genie, these innovations include automation, intelligence, and real-time data capabilities that empower businesses to thrive in the tough economy.

And to make the benefits even more cost-efficient, Salesforce packaged three Marketing Cloud tools in an Effectiveness Bundle to drive growth, cost-savings, and build trusted relationships at scale.

3 ways Marketing Cloud Innovations drive success at times of economic crisis

Let us take a deep dive to understand how these marketing Cloud innovations help organizations propel success at times of economic uncertainty.

1. Create personalized moments in real time

Supercharged by Genie, The Customer Data Platform in the Marketing Cloud harmonies billions of data at every moment, enabling businesses to personalize marketing moments in real-time.

Through Mulesoft integrations, marketers can create a fully unified customer profile on the Customer Data platform by connecting real-time data across Salesforce and third-party sources.

Plus, CDP’s integration with SnowFlake, Meta, and Amazon Sage Maker makes it simple to access customer data and discover more channels for first-party advertising.

2. Boost campaign performance with intelligent insights

With CDP’s intelligence database exports, you can optimize your analytics
with marketing insights and customer journey analytics, and take better decisions about where to spend and where to reiterate.

Moreover, with Salesforce’s own AI technology, marketers can predict customer preference, reduce churn, and increase customer lifetime value.

3. Save time and money with automated engagement across channels

With Customer Data Platform and Marketing Cloud Engagement, businesses can automate real-time customer engagement across channels to increase conversion and cost efficiency.

Using real-time journey orchestration, you can respond to users in real-time.

Plus, with the new WhatsApp-first business messaging capability, you can blend your sales, service, and marketing interactions into a single thread while personalizing moments at every stage.

The Account engagement API enhancements, on the other hand, enable marketing and sales teams to work together by activating engagement across channels with other external platforms and Salesforce.


With these Key Marketing Cloud innovations, marketers can make customer moments more special, personalized, and memorable.

And, with the right Marketing Cloud Expert by your side, you can successfully implement these Marketing tools in your business to drive success. Get in touch with us today!