Key Takeaways from the Summer ’23 Release

Key Takeaways from the Summer ’23 Release

We are back with the highly anticipated Summer ’23 Release highlights. This release brings a wealth of exciting new features and enhancements designed to elevate your experience and empower your business. This release is packed with innovation from an enhanced user interface to advanced integration capabilities and AI-powered insights.

On June 12, on the final release weekend, a plethora of new features across the Customer 360 platform, encompassing a wide range of enhancements will hit the orbs.

Stay connected as we delve into the remarkable highlights of the Summer’23 Release that will revolutionize your work and drive your business forward.

Without further ado, discover the key enhancements and features here.

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The Standout Features of the Summer’23 Release

  • Sales-planning

Sales Planning has transformed with our native, end-to-end solution in the Summer ’23 Product Release. 

Say goodbye to clunky processes and embrace an intuitive experience. Customers can effortlessly streamline their sales planning operations with intelligent target allocation, budget management, headcount planning, and seamless in-app collaboration.

  • Service Cloud: Service Catalog

Experience the efficiency of automation with our Service Catalog feature in the Summer ’23 Release. Unlock its potential with pre-built catalog items that effortlessly display standard business processes in a user-friendly storefront-like experience. By creating a workflow once and deploying it across various channels, users can enhance agent productivity and ensure customer success. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and embrace streamlined workflows with Service Catalog.

  • Marketing Cloud: data cloud integration

Experience the power of enhanced customer engagement with the integration of Account Engagement and Data Cloud for Marketing in the Summer ’23 Product Release. By connecting these two components, customers can effectively leverage customer data to enhance segmentation, enabling more personalized experiences. Gain valuable insights from all customer interactions with your company and unlock the potential for targeted and tailored engagement strategies. Embrace the synergy between Account Engagement and Data Cloud for Marketing to take your customer engagement to new heights.

  • Commerce Cloud: Tik-tok integration for upscaling commerce

Salesforce introduced the TikTok Integration for Commerce Enhancements in the Summer ’23 Product Release. Merchants can now leverage this integration to enhance product discovery, showcase product details, streamline the checkout process, and facilitate post-payment activities all within the TikTok app.

This seamless and frictionless customer experience aims to boost sales and attract new customers. Embrace the power of TikTok Integration for Commerce Enhancements to take your e-commerce game to the next level.

  • CRM Analytics

Introducing the Join Data User Interface in the Summer ’23 Product Release. With a user-friendly interface, users can effortlessly connect multiple Data Cloud Data Model objects, allowing them to correlate data in visualizations and unlock powerful insights.

Say goodbye to complex processes and embrace the simplicity of connecting and analyzing data with just a few clicks. Experience the ease and effectiveness of the Join Data User Interface for seamless data exploration and insightful decision-making.

  • Slack Canvas

Slack Canvas is another new addition in the Summer ’23 Product Release. Slack canvases serve as dedicated spaces within Slack where teams can collaboratively create, organize, and share crucial business resources.

Now, Salesforce users can consolidate various content types, including rich media, files, and data from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, all within a single Slack view. Streamline your team’s workflow, enhance collaboration, and seamlessly access and share important information through the power of Slack Canvas.

Wrap Up

Presented above are the upcoming features in the Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud, set to be implemented in the Summer ‘23 release. We trust that you find these updates appealing and encourage you to stay connected with us for future announcements. Should you require assistance in implementing these features within your organization, don’t hesitate to contact the proficient Salesforce experts at Outsource Salesforce today.