Introducing Salesforce CodeGen: Conversational AI programming for writing codes

Introducing Salesforce CodeGen: Conversational AI programming for writing codes

Recently, the megacorp Salesforce has launched a new language model, CodeGen, which converts simple English prompts into functional codes.

The large-scale language model CodeGen, in simple words, writes programs or codes using the description given by users in natural languages, enabling conversational AI programming.
All you need to do is to explain the desired functionality in natural language, and the machine will write the codes for you based on that description.

Though the CodeGen model can solve both complex and simple coding problems, it is largely beneficial for low code programmers or non-IT users, as it enables them to solve relatively simple coding problems.
However, for experienced programmers, this functionality makes programming faster, easier and less resource-heavy.

How CodeGen makes coding as easy as talking

Salesforce has combined conversational AI and automatic programming to enable Codegen to write codes using the requirements explained to the machine in natural languages.

For the unversed, Conversational AI is an interactive dialogue between human and machine, whereas automatic programming is the model where the system automatically generates a program code based on the code written by a human at a high level of abstraction.

Codegen generates executable codes that solve problems accurately. Hash map, a key feature of Codegen, generates codes that run on linear time much faster than in other alternate methods.
Though simple problems can be solved with less programming knowledge, to solve complex problems where different approaches are required to get solutions, sound knowledge of programming will prove useful.

Hence, with Codegen, experienced programmers can give follow-up commands (like using hash maps, or recursion – or not using these techniques) to suggest and explore new avenues while creating the code.

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Significance in Future

With Salesforce’s mission to democratize access to technology, CodeGen will benefit future programming and deliver society-wide rewards.

  • Conversational AI programming will bring a major transformation in software engineering. It will eliminate the barrier in programming and enable anyone to write codes with low code programming.
  • Opening coding to all will bring traditionally disadvantaged people to the world of programming, opening a pool of opportunity for income generation for such groups.
  • With the help of AI assistants and artificial pair programmers, software professionals and programmers can understand the architecture, and vulnerability in security design and summarize the complex paths of legacy systems.

Salesforce’s conversational AI programming model is trained by Salesforce AI Research and will be available as open-source code.


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