Improve your marketing ROI with Salesforce automation in 2022

Improve your marketing ROI with Salesforce automation in 2022

The digital acceleration over the last two years has increased customer interaction, and in turn, has generated a huge amount of unexplored data.

This data is a big asset for marketers but if it’s not utilized properly, it’s just a pile. Marketers rely on customer data and strong customer relationships to chalk out successful marketing campaigns. And this is exactly where automation comes into play. This data after being fed and optimized through Salesforce CRM can be automated in many ways that can straightway improve your marketing ROI.

So, today here in this blog, we will see the benefits of using automation tools to boost ROI. Let’s dig in!

Perks of Salesforce automation in improving ROI

The thumb rule for marketers in 2022 will be establishing the deepest possible relationships with customers, even in virtual interactions.

This feat can be achieved by accessing customers’ digital behavior, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the best go-to solution for gaining actionable insights. With automation tools, you can reap the following benefits:

Gain a higher rate of lead conversion

In-depth data Personalization implies more customer engagement. The more customers are engaged through automation, the more are the likelihood of them being converted into actual deals.

Understand customer for improved customer satisfaction

With Marketing Cloud, you can know your customer’s unique needs and develop strategies to offer them the relevant content, assets and message them through the right channel at the right time. Through your CRM automation, you deliver exactly what your customer wants.

Win back your return customers

Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you use features such as Journey Builder, Email Studio, and Interaction Studio that nurtures and enhances your personalization service making customer relationships open-ended and ongoing.

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Earn customer loyalty

The loyalty Management app in Marketing Cloud enables you to automate customer loyalty programs. Clubbing this feature with personalized shopping experiences offered by Commerce Cloud, you can earn customer loyalty big time.

Optimize social media advertising

You can leverage the social media platforms with customized audience automation to directly feed their segments. You can ask your CRM to identify customers similar to your loyal customers through Segmentation.

An integration hub

Marketing Cloud is the integration jackpot that integrates with other Salesforce applications to give you an improved ROI. For sales, integrating Marketing Cloud with Sales Cloud, you can derive actionable data to close deals effectively and quickly.

With its integration with CDP, you can get powerful data-driven insights for deeper personalization. In short, if you got data anywhere, bring it on to the Marketing Cloud and use it to set up automation for gaining increased ROI.

Bottom Line

Before getting started with Salesforce automation, know which marketing data can be automated and then move with automation one at a time to identify which combination of products serves your objectives best.

And, if you need help with Salesforce automation or any Salesforce Consulting services, we are here to help! Visit us to know our varied services and check out Salesforce Project Estimator to get a cost estimation well in advance!