Top 5 features in the new SFMC release to amp up your marketing campaigns

Top 5 features in the new SFMC release to amp up your marketing campaigns

The newest release in Marketing Cloud has rolled in new features for marketers to optimize the value of their data and streamline activities better. This new suite of features enables marketers to track and measure their consumers’ behavior, maximize cross-channel personalization and make their third-party data powerful across the Marketing Cloud and third-party apps.

In this context, let us take a glance at the 7th Edition State of Marketing report, which says that leveraging the digital channels to deliver the relevant message at the right time is crucial for marketers. The report also revealed that over 2/3rd of the marketers taking part in the survey have stated their cross-channel personalization as dynamic.

So, we have put together some powerful ways the brand new features of Marketing Cloud improves the effectiveness of your campaign. Here we go-

1. Mobile Marketing Enhancements

With the changing behavior of end-users, marketers are required to be more flexible in engaging with their customers. Hence, The features of new Mobile Marketing Enhancements has been updated to allow that flexibility and enable marketers to

  • Build and define custom apps.
  • Arrange journeys in real-time based on apps.
  • Collaborate SDK (the mobile software development kit) with Journey Builder.
  • Use Screen views and purchase for tracking users’ behavior.
  • Lay the base of real-time relevant journeys.

2. Interaction Studio: Journey Builder Activity

The Journey of Activity resolves the biggest challenge of marketers engaging with customers in real-time by allowing them to

  • Share features, actions, and identity from Journey Builder to Interaction Studio.
  • Leverage the shared data to create personalizations across the web, CRM, and emails.
  • Also, enables their customers to create segments and triggers across all channels for a seamless experience.

3. Customer Data Platform: Advanced Data Intelligence

For a more personalized and smarter interaction with consumers, Salesforce CDP ( Customer Data Platform ) provides solutions with the following features

  • Firstly, the Advanced Identity Resolution connects identified duplicates and finds more records belonging to the same users.
  • Secondly, the insights from real-time engagement are calculated and then workflows are activated by the Streaming Insights & Data Actions feature.
  • And Lastly, the Einstein In CDP segmentation allows marketers to create strong segments and conjunct them with cross-cloud data to bring these insights to new channels.
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4. Customer Data Platform: Extensibility Enhancements

The following four enhancements in Salesforce CDP enables marketers to connect to more data sources and thus provide a single source of truth for their customers. These enhancements are-

  • Salesforce Interactions SDK provides additional power with the shared SDK tag and data model between Interaction Studio and CDP.
  • Tableau Enhancements offers pre-configured dashboards and deeper access to CDP in Tableau products.
  • B2C Commerce Connector aligns data management activities for commerce, digital experiences, and marketing on a single platform.
  • Google Connector & Mulesoft offers more agility in terms of data for creating richer unified profiles.

5. Datorama: Personalization Insights for Interaction Studio App

This new app is no code app based on all clicks and provides marketers with result-driven insights, resulting in improving the lifecycle value of segments. It achieves this by

  • Improving personalization efforts with automated insights.
  • Linking upper funnel personalization parameters to results with visualizations and unique insights.
  • Creating expansive insights with a single source of truth.


Thus, marketers can create effective campaigns with these new enhancements in Marketing Cloud.

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