HDFC and Salesforce join forces to reimagine the customer lending lifecycle

HDFC and Salesforce join forces to reimagine the customer lending lifecycle

Recently, Salesforce announced that HDFC, the leading mortgage lender in India, will leverage Salesforce to deliver a digital-first experience to customers.

Realizing the importance of AI, the renowned Financial conglomerate is looking to build the next-gen integration infrastructure to enable easy connectivity between backend and frontend systems, including Salesforce.

With Salesforce’s best-in-class products, HDFC aims to deliver digital-first experiences to their customers and support their growth ambitions.

Speaking about the tie-up, HDFC MD Renu Karnad said, “As an organization, we are keen on building solutions to suit the diverse requirements of our customers across segments. Cloud-based solutions are central to powering exceptional experiences that are intuitive and customized and Salesforce has been a crucial partner in our journey of reimagining the customer lifecycle.”

Ways Salesforce reimagines HDFC’s customer lifecycle

To support its digitization journey and provide connected and meaningful experiences to its customers, HDFC will leverage some of Salesforce’s ace products. They are-

Sales Cloud:

With Salesforce’s flagship product Sales Cloud, the sales team at HDFC can streamline their sales processes and operate efficiently at scale. By leveraging Customer 360 and Loan 360, teams can get an overview of the lending lifecycle of customers. As a result, they can engage more effectively and provide personalized services. Dashboards will also empower teams to visualize insights and reports in one place, leading to faster decision-making.

HDFC and Salesforce

Service Cloud:

The Service Cloud platform will empower the HDFC service teams to deliver excellent service while empowering the customers to self-serve. With this tool, they can make every transaction frictionless and intuitive.

The omnichannel platform in Service Cloud will power up the self-service channels across all touchpoints, delivering a connected and personalized service experience.

Besides, teams can get a view of customers’ interactions across all channels by leveraging the Customer Connect 2.0 platform. As a result, customer-facing teams can respond to customer queries faster and earn customer satisfaction.

Mulesoft :

To realize its goal of setting a strong integration foundation, HDFC will unlock the power of Mulesoft. With its most innovative API-based integration method and low-code integration features, Mulesoft will empower HDFC to innovate and build integrations around its connecting systems faster and provide seamless, connected experiences.

“Digital transformation begins and ends with how you think about, and connect with, customers. The digital-first world presents an opportunity for organizations to transform their customer experiences, find and use insights from their data, and give employees the tools and training they need to build incredible careers. We are pleased to be a part of the digital transformation journey of HDFC Ltd. reimagining its customer lending experience.”

Arundhati Bhattacharya CEO & Chairperson, Salesforce India.

Wrap Up

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