Salesforce for Financial Services: Expanded Offerings for banking, wealth management, and insurance

Salesforce for Financial Services: Expanded Offerings for banking, wealth management, and insurance

A Salesforce survey recently revealed that almost 78% of banking customers make their first contact with the bank through a website or app.

This data reveals customers’ growing interests in digital experiences across the banking, wealth management, and the insurance sector.

Sadly, financial services institutions are not able to anticipate the customer needs in this digital age.

And hence, Salesforce adds targeted and trusted automation and AI, powered by Client 360 to its Financial service offerings to help the financial firms serve their customers for life and boost satisfaction in this new digital economy,

What’s new in Salesforce for Financial Services

The new additions in Salesforce financial services offer automation and Client 360 capabilities tailored specifically for the banking, wealth management, and insurance sector.

With these expanded offerings, financial firms can achieve operational efficiencies, deliver impactful customer experiences and gain valuable insights.

The new innovations in Salesforce for Financial Services include:

  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant
  • Customer Service Coordination
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Intelligent Agent Desktop
  • Analytics for Financial Services
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Customer Data Platform: Leveraging this platform, the marketing teams at financial institutions can get a unified view of their customer data gathered from various sources into a client profile using point-and-click logic.

This enables them to deliver personalized engagement across every channel and reach out to customers in real-time using Streaming Insights and Data Actions.

Customer Service Coordination: Financial service providers can accelerate their customer case resolution using Slack as their digital HQ.

This feature generates critical alerts and collects customer data into the Slack channel enabling service agents to address customers’ time-sensitive requests quickly.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant: The intelligent Einstein-powered chatbot, Virtual Assistant, helps financial institutions automate routine requests faster across digital channels.

Intelligent Agent Desktop: This feature includes prebuilt and AI-embedded dashboards to help agents get customer insights, right from their console.

Additionally, features such as Customer Record Alerts and Customer Identity Verification helps in reducing fraud risks by surfacing important issues that customers may not bring up in the first call.

Analytics for Financial Services: With this feature, teams can understand the customer better with data-driven insights, further deepening client relationships and growing revenue.

Wrap Up

This covers Salesforce’s announcement for financial service offerings. Catch us in the next blog for more updates on Salesforce.

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