Go headless with Composable Digital Storefront by Salesforce

Go headless with Composable Digital Storefront by Salesforce

Salesforce has launched its Composable Digital Storefront, a new way for businesses to create and offer a more personalized shopping experience.

The Composable Digital Storefront is a headless commerce solution that allows businesses to make changes to their site with speed and agility without causing any disruption in buyers’ shopping experiences.

In addition to that, Salesforce also rolled in pre-built packages for retailers to implement the headless commerce models into their business, along with use cases with partners.

Here are the Key details of this new tool!

How Composable Storefront will benefit your business

The new Composable Storefront aims to elevate the shopping experience for customers by giving businesses the ability to execute site changes with precision, flexibility, and agility.

Embedded right within the Commerce Cloud platform, Composable Storefront comes up with top-class integrations, implementation accelerators from across the Salesforce ecosystem, and pricing features to help retailers increase conversions, sales, and basket size without any overhead or developmental headaches.

It will benefit businesses to

  • Boost online store’s performance by decreasing page load time with a modern Web App Technology.
  • Reduce time spent on searching vendors, negotiating pricing, and building custom solutions by using the pre-packaged integrations.
  • Create rich shopping experiences with AR, Chatbots, and social media features.
  • Enable the 60-second deployment feature to add and ship new features
Digital Storefront

Get to know what headless means for your digital storefront

If you’re not sure what headless means for your digital storefront, don’t worry—you’re not alone.

In short, headless commerce refers to a decoupled architecture that separates the front-end experience from the back-end systems that power it. This means that the same back-end can power multiple front-ends, or that different back-ends can power the same front-end.

Through this solution, Salesforce will help to transform the customer experience as businesses today seek a new world-class system that will be cloud-first and gives the agility to carry out the developmental changes faster without compromising on the buyer’s shopping experience.


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