Dreamforce’23 Key Takeaways: Rise Of AI With Trust

Dreamforce’23 Key Takeaways: Rise Of AI With Trust

Have you missed Dreamforce’23? Don’t worry we are here to cover Dreamforce’23 interesting updates in San Francisco. Salesforce once again proved that it is the one driving AI in the industry. Yes, it was the biggest AI event ever!!.

This Dreamforce is all about Data + CRM + AI + Trust. This time it’s more about keeping the trust of the customers. A lot was talked about data security, bridging the trust gap, and implementing AI in the industry with the help of many innovations announced at the event.

In this blog let’s look into what all we had got from Dreamforce’23. Let’s get started.

Dreamforce'23 Key Takeaways

In Dreamforce 23 the main focus is to make a trusted AI Salesforce environment. It was all about data and AI, and all news and takeaways revolved around Data Cloud and AI coming together. The new functionalities enable AI to smoothen the process with the trust layer.

Let’s dig down the highlights of the event:

Einstein 1 Platform

Now everyone is an Einstein and more productive!!
Einstein 1 Platform, is a new AI platform for companies with trust as the top priority. It is an Integrated platform of Data Cloud, Metadata framework, Einstein shielded with the Einstein Trust Layer. Along with Slack, Canvas, Tableau, Heroku, Google Workplace, Microsoft 365, and Mulesoft are available in the same place giving a trusted AI platform beneficial for every Salesforce customer. Einstein 1 Platform will give an extremely new AI experience to the customers.

Dreamforce’23 Key Takeaways: Rise Of AI With Trust, Dreamforce’23, Einstein, AI, Trust layer

Einstein 1 Data Cloud

Einstein 1 Data Cloud provides Big Data Scale and high-speed automation, enhancing data-driven applications. Einstein 1 data cloud is natively integrated with the new platform. With Einstein 1, the data cloud automates at scale with the vast data through Mulesoft. Einstein 1 Data cloud can be integrated with any platform, maybe it is snowflakes, data bricks, IoT devices, AI prediction, etc. With the data, you can do analytics- including Reports and Dashboard at scale.

Here is the good news Salesforce has announced every customer with enterprises and above gets free access to the data cloud. Salesforce announces free Tableau as well, with these availabilities you can start your AI journey.

Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot is an AI-enabled conversational AI assistant available in every Salesforce application along with the power of trust layer. It will assist you in the workflow, you can ask queries in natural language and will get relevant and trusted answers. It will also give options related to the query, for instance, if asked about order status, it may suggest a change in delivery date, etc. or if asked about the status of the sales call it may suggest an action plan after the sales call. Einstein Copilot proactively offers additional options along with the answers to the questions asked.

Einstein Copilot Studio

With Einstein Copilot Studio companies can create full new generation AI-powered apps with custom prompts, skills, and AI models. The studio gives leverage to admins and Salesforce professionals to control and use powerful tools like Prompt Builder, Skill Builder, and Model Builder. With these apps, you can build AI models like turning natural language prompts into codes or streamlining customer service, etc. Einstein Copilot studio operated within the Einstein trust layer maintaining the company’s data privacy and security standards.

Also, Einstein Copilot studio provides configurability to make Einstein Copilot integrate with customer-facing message platforms like Slack WhatsApp, SMS, etc.


This Dreamforce was really a mesmerizing event, bringing lots of innovation in terms of AI. Empowering each of the Salesforce Clouds with the power of trusted AI. The sessions were very informative, and satisfying. Dreamforce’23 builds the trust of the companies and now they can look up to the growth of AI businesses.

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