Connected data and headless commerce will define the future of commerce in 2022 and beyond

Connected data and headless commerce will define the future of commerce in 2022 and beyond

The year 2021 has seen some incredible business trends and digital accelerations.

Customer experience has changed forever with digital accelerations providing more channels, choices and flexibility to their shopping preferences.

Customers want more, and the pressure has mounted on businesses to offer a great customer experience with each new offering.

Hence, to provide meaningful customer experiences in 2022 companies will need to deliver faster. We, in this blog, will share how the future of commerce will shape in 2022, to help businesses take a cue from and prepare for what lies ahead.

Connected data is the key to gaining insights

With customers becoming digitally resilient, companies are now more focused on providing customer-centric experiences. For instance, in automotive, dealers can get insights about the customers who are searching their products online, even before they visit their store physically. And thus, they can create omnichannel car buying experiences for their customers.

Thus, data plays an important role in understanding your customers. As we have explained in our previous blogs, using your data, you can gain insights into your customers’ shopping preferences and their journey and offer the right products to them at the right time.

Lidiane Jones, GM of Commerce Cloud, Salesforce shared her view on the future of commerce. She was quoted as saying, “I recommend that brands step back, figure out their unique value proposition, and then apply the right strategy that will capture customers” Utilizing connected data is the key to knowing what your shoppers want!

Commerce trends-2022

Ways to take buying experience to the next level in 2022

  • Headless Commerce gives businesses the ability to stay agile and deliver personalized experiences to their customers across any channel. Salesforce CDP equips you with tools that deliver highly personalized experiences across the customer journey.
  • As we go all-digital, businesses will need to be more immersive to increase digital sales. The adoption of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) capabilities enables viewing online products the way they will look in reality. Video selling also provides a real-life buying experience strengthening your customers’ trust and interest in you.
  • Innovative methods of payments are also gaining momentum in the commerce world. Flexible and easier methods of payments attract customers and lead to repeat business and customer loyalty.
  • Customer loyalty programs and Sustainability also enhance customer experiences, but adoption of these strategies varies from brand to brand. Knowing your customer’s choices well, you can figure whether it’s sustainability, brand promotions or loyalty programs that matter most to your customers.

Wrap Up

Thus, as we move towards a new beginning in 2022, these insights will help businesses drive long-term value and customer engagement.

So, gear up to deliver great customer experiences and let Outsource Salesforce guide you through the right Salesforce implementation services. Talk to our developers today!