Accelerate Growth and Productivity With New AI-Powered Salesforce Sales Cloud

Accelerate Growth and Productivity With New AI-Powered Salesforce Sales Cloud

Imagine having all the key details about an important meeting you missed, sending generative follow-up emails to potential clients, and seamlessly prospecting sales, all without manual work.

It feels like a dream, right?

But this dream is soon turning into a reality.

Yes, you’re hearing correctly.

Salesforce has launched new AI and data innovation in Sales Cloud to empower sales firms to boost their seller productivity and increase business revenue.


Why are these changes in the sales cloud required?

The main motive of the sales team is to close deals and focus on their potential customers so that they can generate their targeted profit.

But it was harder for them to achieve their desired results as they had to spend more time on administrative and non-selling tasks like researching, planning, and bifurcating between potential clients and existing clients.

Salesforce’s research revealed that non-selling activities consume 72% of the time, resulting in only 28% of sales professionals meeting their set annual targets.

This means that sales teams can shift their attention from processes to connecting with people, giving them more time to focus on what they do best—selling.


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What’s new, and how will it fill the gap?

With the new AI innovations, the sales team can now have access to AI-powered unified data on a single platform.

  • Prepare for a meeting from anywhere

    With Copilot for Sales, you can now research accounts, update CRM, and prepare for the meeting from anywhere. Guess what? You can have it all by using your mobile device, and you can plug it into your browser as well.

  • Call summarization and exploration

    Soon, you’ll be able to take advantage of AI-powered call summary and exploration, which can readily share meeting summaries with your teams and automatically extract call details.

  • Generative Emails

    With generative AI, you will be able to send personalized outreach emails in the seller’s tone and style, be it for introducing your products and services or for follow-ups.

  • Automated Prospecting

    Prospecting sales has always been challenging and a time-consuming process. But now it will be powered by AI and a data cloud that will merge both internal and external data in real time and thus give lists based on buyer engagement scores, customer fit, and account segmentation. Metrics like the company’s recent growth and the degree of its relationships with decision-makers can be included in these metrics.

  • Process Intelligence

    When it comes to increasing metrics like attrition and win rates, the sales team can now easily and instantly create data models for them by using both internal and external data.

Its Sales Cloud Everywhere Now

Along with these extraordinary changes comes one more chance: the power of the sales cloud is now being extended to Outlook, Gmail, and web browsers to improve CRM data, update accounts, and manage all the opportunities by streamlining email communication through generative emails operated directly from one platform.

Outsource Salesforce Perspective:

Sales Cloud with Salesforce Copilot is all set to mark a transformative shift by addressing the time-consuming challenges, thus empowering sales teams to focus on building meaningful connections and meeting the set annual targets. The time has come to ease sales processes and elevate overall efficiency in the world of sales.

Are you still wondering whether to integrate the sales cloud, will it actually transform your business activity, or are you looking for a Salesforce implementation partner in the UK?

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