5 mistakes to avoid for successful Salesforce Implementation

5 mistakes to avoid for successful Salesforce Implementation

The Salesforce platform is increasingly becoming a popular choice for businesses due to its low/no-code platform, scalability, adaptability, security, and robust features.

However, these awesome capabilities alone cannot ensure successful Salesforce implementation. The combined efforts of the Salesforce Implementation consultant, clients, and Salesforce result in a fruitful Salesforce adoption.

Though many things are done to carry out successful implementations, today, in this blog, we will share the mistakes that should be avoided to witness smooth and successful Salesforce Implementation in your business. So here we go-

Moving ahead without analyzing the product use case level

Generally, businesses adopt Salesforce by evaluating the platform features.

There is no doubt that Salesforce features are the best for achieving business growth. But only platform feature assessment is not enough, businesses need to assess the use cases of products also.

Many businesses often face delays or failure in implementation because of the gap between the products and their use case.

A thorough analysis must be carried out to ascertain product fitment before starting Salesforce implementation.

Not prioritizing data cleansing

While importing old data to Salesforce.org, businesses often neglect the need of cleaning the data before sending it to the new system. Dirty data might cause delays in implementation. Not only this, they may lead to inaccurate forecasting for sales and incorrect insights that defeat the purpose of Salesforce implementation in the first place.

It’s rather an imperative task to audit and clean the data before implementation to witness the desired results.

Not giving importance to functional consulting

Businesses often think they can execute the implementation themselves as they know their business requirements better. But defining the requirements is not enough.

You need to know how to map those requirements to the platform features and present a solution that can deliver the goal of the implementation.

Here a good Salesforce Functional Consultant’s role is noteworthy. Salesforce functional consultants with their extensive knowledge of Salesforce architecture and business can plan out optimum designs working in collaboration with your IT teams.

Good communication with your technical team and a functional consultant will result in solutions that align with your business goals.


Not training the staff on platform usage

This is probably the most overlooked part of Salesforce implementation, despite being the most important one.

After you have implemented Salesforce into your organization, you would expect to derive benefits from the implementation.

But how can you, if your employees are not familiar with the Salesforce features, connected 3rd party applications, and everything that relates to their particular day-to-day tasks. Hence, it is extremely essential to impart proper training to your staff for enjoying the benefits of Salesforce implementation.

Not implementing Salesforce in phases

Salesforce has immense capabilities.

But if you try to adopt everything in one go, your Salesforce implementation will fail. Most Salesforce projects involve migrating legacy applications to Salesforce making them transformational projects.

And transformational projects need to be implemented in phases to mitigate risks and get a clear roadmap to future use cases. Plus, employees may find it difficult to learn and master the huge platform if everything is implemented in a single phase.

Therefore, it is advisable to implement Salesforce in small phases to view the success of each phase and determine the next action accordingly and, to promote learning in phases.

Wrap up

So, by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes in Salesforce implementation, you can achieve complete CRM success.

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