A guide to all the major Salesforce products in a nutshell

A guide to all the major Salesforce products in a nutshell

The megacorp Salesforce previously had two main products viz, Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, when it started out. But today, Salesforce has a host of products, each designed to offer industry-specific solutions to businesses across every domain.

Naturally, this assorted product range with coming-of-age technology and innovative features has been helping businesses connect to their customers on a whole new level.

So, if you are a Salesforce enthusiast and looking forward to knowing about all its amazing products, this blog is just for you!

So, consider this blog as a guidepost for getting a glimpse of all the major Salesforce products. Let’s begin!

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The flagship product of Salesforce, Sales Cloud, is one of the most popular CRM and generates most of the company’s revenue. This product mainly focuses on generating more sales revenue by accelerating the sales cycles with its features.

Some of the top features of the Sales Cloud include contact management, opportunity, and lead management, sales forecasting, workflows and approvals, territory management, reports and dashboards, and partner management.

Sales Cloud has got add-on features as well, like Sales Cloud Einstein, Salesforce Maps, Lightning Dialer, Sales Engagement, Salesforce Quip, and Lightning Scheduler.

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital platform for automating marketing campaigns across all channels. With Marketing Cloud, businesses can utilize data to plan campaigns more quickly, take action on insights, and know customers better.

Marketing Cloud connects effortlessly with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to ensure a seamless flow of data. Recently, Marketing Cloud has renamed some of its products. They are

  • Marketing Cloud Customer data platform, formerly known as Salesforce CDP
  • Marketing Cloud Advertising, previously Advertising studio
  • Marketing Cloud Personalization, previously Interaction Studio
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence formerly Datorama
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, previously Pardot

Salesforce Service Cloud

Another talked about product of Salesforce, Service Cloud assists businesses with providing state of the art customer service with its live chat, email, and phone support capabilities. It also offers a self-service portal for businesses to help customers find answers to their queries by themselves using the resources.

Service Cloud has further extended its capabilities to field agents with the Field Service platform. The Field Service enables agents to stay connected with HQ and deliver service to customers from anywhere.

Some of the features of Service Cloud are Service Cloud Voice, Customer Lifecycle Analytics, Service Cloud Einstein, territory management, appointment scheduling, and dispatching technology, among others.

Commerce Cloud

Catering to both B2C and B2B customers, Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with unique features and functionalities to help e-commerce businesses start selling online quickly and without hassle.

This comprehensive platform seamlessly connects with other Salesforce products and has Einstien AI-enabled capabilities.

You will find all the features in Commerce Cloud that you can expect from Salesforce to deliver seamless shopping experiences to your customers.

Experience Cloud

Formerly known as Community Cloud, Experience Cloud helps you build portals, websites, forums, and support centers directly on the Salesforce platform to interact with your customers. The platform is low code and enables you to create portals with simple drag and drop functionality.

Analytics Cloud

This is another marvelous tool that helps businesses get deeper insights into their data.

The Analytics Cloud includes CRM Analytics ( previously known as Tableau CRM), a native to the Salesforce platform that allows you to use data from Salesforce as well as other external sources to derive analytics from Salesforce. Besides, the Tableau platform that was acquired by Salesforce in 2019 also provides deep data analysis to businesses.

Wrap Up

Well, that was all about the Salesforce Products. We hope you enjoyed this coverage.

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