8 Outstanding Ways Salesforce unites companies and customers together

8 Outstanding Ways Salesforce unites companies and customers together

The quintessential leader Salesforce has recently launched a global advertising campaign with the slogan “We bring companies and customers together” to spread out a clear word about what Salesforce products precisely do.

From being a technology vendor providing Cloud-based solutions to evolving into a software giant having various acquisitions in the industry, Salesforce has become a towering organization with a complex line of products. So, Salesforce released a marketing slogan meant for businesses of all sizes, sprawling across numerous industries to get a clear understanding of how Salesforce might work for them.

Stephanie Buscemi, Salesforce’s chief marketing officer, and executive VP in an interview was quoted as saying, “There’s a high recognition of Salesforce. But when you get into the ‘what we do,’ we have further work to do there. The goal of the campaign is to really focus on talking about what our products do for our customers.”

As the slogan suggests, Salesforce brings companies and customers closer together, here are some of the ways through which Salesforce achieves this feat of connecting customers and companies together.

How Salesforce brings businesses and customers closer

To begin with, Salesforce makes it possible to connect customers and companies through its Customer 360 platform. Salesforce Customer 360 is an integrated, AI-powered platform that gives a single view of customers while unifying all departments. Furthermore, leveraging this platform businesses can create connected, personalized customer experiences resulting in stronger customer relationships.

Built to customize as per the business needs, Salesforce 360 helps companies to come together and serve customers thereby driving growth for their business in the following ways:

1. Knowing Customers closely

With the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, you can allow your teams to access a 360-degree view of your customer’s journey, right from their browsing history to service requirements. With this single source of customer data, teams can serve customers efficiently, from anywhere. As teams can share data from a single source of truth, they can collaborate better with each other thereby offering connected personalized customer experiences.

2. Providing excellent customer service from anywhere at any time

Service teams can offer world-class customer service with Salesforce Service Cloud. This platform allows you to provide personalized customer support where your customers can engage with your business through social media. Emails, messages, and Chatbots.

3. Create Customers’ journey map

With the Pardot solution, you can map your customer’s journey across stores, websites, social media channels, and many more to understand different customers’ behavior, their personalities, and gauge their next action. Also, you can see how your business can respond, and many other insights.

companies and customer together

4. Simplifying work processes

Customer 360 enables you to streamline your work processes by automating repetitive tasks, integrating data with other systems, and utilizing real-time analytics.

5. Personalize messaging

Marketing Cloud allows marketers to know their customers better. With this platform, they can build marketing campaigns on any channels customers want and then create personalized moments using AI so that customers will receive messages when they are most receptive.

6. Manage data with visual analytics

Salesforce platform offers the user-friendly visual analytics platform Tableau that allows companies to scour and manage data easily to make informed data-driven decisions.

7. Integration from anywhere

Salesforce acquisition of Mulesoft enables salesforce customers to unlock and integrate data that were earlier on different apps, on a single platform. This will result in getting real-time insights and accurate data to create connected experiences faster.

8. Developing custom apps

The versatile Salesforce platform has Drag and Drop low-code tools, prebuilt apps from partners on Salesforce AppExchange, and pro-code capabilities that allow anyone, even with limited technical knowledge to build apps on the platform. Businesses can build apps on Salesforce quickly and easily to automate their tasks or to solve problems.


To conclude, it can be said that the Salesforce platform with its versatile capabilities helps bring businesses and customers closer.

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