5 new Salesforce products to transform your business in 2022

5 new Salesforce products to transform your business in 2022

Salesforce’s remarkable offerings on its suite of products have made it the undisputed king of CRM systems.

With solutions built for specific departments and industries, Salesforce helps businesses enhance their customer services and Sales. With data-driven and digital-first business models taking precedence, Salesforce products have also undergone drastic updates with innovations that fit right into today’s business world.

So, here are our hot five favorite new Salesforce products that help companies take their business to the next level.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool for marketers to know their customers, humanize every moment, and optimize results to build trusted relationships.

Recently, Gartner named Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a Leader in its 2022 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs for the fifth consecutive year.

Marketing Cloud enables CRM data to flow freely across various Salesforce products by connecting them seamlessly. It automates marketing across disparate channels such as social media, emails, mobile apps, SMS, websites, and many more with its array of features like Journey Builder, Mobile Studio, Email Studio, CDP, Marketing Cloud Intelligence, and Marketing Cloud Personalization.

Sales Cloud Unlimited

Sales Cloud Unlimited is a recently introduced product that actually is a supercharged version of Sales Cloud. It’s a unified solution that helps Sales teams find everything they need in one comprehensive place. Combining the power of Automation, Analytics, and Intelligence as standard, this product equips the Sales team

  • to transform the revenue model

  • get visibility into trends

  • improve communication across Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, and Financial Services

Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service is an extension of Service Cloud and caters to the mobile workforce providing support to the customers on the field. This product provides a comprehensive view of workforce management. Salesforce periodically adds new features to this product to empower mobile teams to provide meaningful service to customers in real-time. Salesforce Field service boils down to five components as

  • Service Appointments

  • Territory and scheduling

  • Field Service Mobile App

  • Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Field Service user interface


Slack was acquired by Salesforce with a whopping sum of $27.7B, making it the costliest Salesforce acquisition ever.

It’s a messaging application for teams to connect via dedicated channels. Slack-first integrations with all major departments connect employees, customers, and partners through a digital HQ. With Sales Cloud for Slack, sales teams can automate deal status updates and collaborate with teams without leaving Slack.

Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud is a business intelligence platform that enables companies to explore and analyze data efficiently and quickly.

Powered by Einstein Analytics and Tableau, this comprehensive tool reveals current trends, the decline in productivity, and why and how they occurred. This tool also leverages AI to help users discover opportunities and make informed decisions.

Wrap Up

That was all for today! We hope you find this update interesting. If you need help in implementing any of these amazing Salesforce products into your business, get in touch with us!