3 Core Marketing Issues Customer Data Platform Addresses

3 Core Marketing Issues Customer Data Platform Addresses

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) have proven their value as the first step to personalizing customer relationships and are increasingly seen as a cornerstone of larger business transformations.
Customer Data Platform, essentially collects, unifies, and manages customer data from multiple sources to create a unified customer profile.

But the most significant capability of CDP is its ability to unlock the power of data. Using segmentation, customer insights, and activation, the CDP helps marketers convert data into personalized experiences from anywhere, any time, all while taking care of customers’ privacy, security, and IT governance.

Naturally, CDP is quickly becoming marketers’ favorite platform for their marketing woes.
Let’s take a look at the there core marketing issue that CDP can fix.

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The power of CDP in solving major marketing issues

With customer data taking precedence in businesses to accentuate customer experiences, enterprise CDPs like Salesforce CDP are expanding the CDP’s personalization, efficiency, and productivity benefits to empower businesses to solve core marketing issues like-

  • Scattered or Disconnected Data

The most common challenge business face is unifying data from disparate sources. Disconnected Data stored in disparate systems such as CRMs, web analytics tools, email marketing platforms, and social media platforms makes it tougher to unify them in one place.

CDPs solve this issue by integrating data from various sources into a single unified customer profile, giving marketers a complete view of each customer and their interactions with the brand.

  • Incomplete Customer Identities

In today’s data-driven landscape, managing customer identity and privacy is crucial. However, many data sources contain customer IDs that are not interconnected, making it difficult to build a comprehensive customer profile. This poses a significant challenge, as even the best algorithms cannot overcome the limitations of incomplete or inaccurate data. With a CDP, marketers can map customer IDs from different sources to create a more complete view of each customer.

  • Fragmented Segmentation, Insights, and Activation

While having access to all your data in one place is essential, it is equally important to be able to use it effectively. 

As customers today expect companies to understand their unique needs, marketers are leveraging CDP to better understand their customers and create personalized campaigns that resonate with their unique needs and preferences.


So, if you are willing to improve your marketing strategy with unified customer data, try out the Salesforce CDP today! And if you need help implementing the platform, feel free to talk to the Salesforce experts at Outsource Salesforce today!