Customer Data Platform: Everything you need to know

Customer Data Platform: Everything you need to know

A Customer data platform (CDP) is basically a collection of software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that can be used by different systems. Here, data is collected from different sources, then it is cleaned and finally merged to create a single customer profile. Other marketing systems can then employ this structured data for their use.

Customer data platforms not only help in marketing and getting closer to your customers but can also help in making the user experience more personalized and enhancing insight. It is definitely of great help to businesses.

Let us understand how a CDP works :

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A CDP collects data from multiple sources and unifies it into a single profile, while also updating the profile as soon as new data becomes available.

1. Collection of data

CDPs usually do not collect data themselves. They rely on other sources such as web analytics, Customer relationship management software (CRM), etc. Typically, a Salesforce integration is required for this.

Customer data platforms can also collect first-party data or zero-party data, which is basically the information a customer has proactively shared on the website.

2. Unification of data

A CDP connects all databases, storing all the required information on a single platform. This data can be accessed by teams across the business. With all your data structured and stored in a single place, customer data management becomes easier with more control over data protection.

This unified data can later be organised into different groups based on similar interests. Thus, CDP helps to understand the audience better and develop more personalized marketing campaigns.

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3. Activation of data

Now that the CDP software has unified profiles based on the collected data such as behavior, demographics, and purchase data, different departments can use customer identities across all channels, such as social media and email.

The marketing teams can also ensure relevant and personalized engagements with customers, as this data is updated promptly.

Businesses can also find similar customers through targeted marketing using CDP software.

4. Data insights

Unified customer profiles created through CDP can help uncover cross-channel insights. These insights can help enrich user profiles.

Implementing the right technology can grant you visualized insights, improving audience discovery and marketing performance. Artificial intelligence is one such tool that can effectively help to discover these insights.

Wrap Up

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